So, today is the day before I enter the MTC.  Im kind of nervous.  But I know that everything will be alright.  I’m just uncertain of what to expect, and the uncertanty is driving me batty.   Kind of exciting to be finally going after waiting 4 plus months to finally get here. It will be nice to not to take care of old people, do any kind of school work, or have any material or temporal worries.  Everything goes to the Lord.  100%.  There is nothing else to do, but give it my all.  I’m quite excited to be able to dedicate myself to something so worthwhile, and I hope to grow a lot from it.  The next 2 years will be extremely challenging.  It will take some of my greatest weaknesses and beat them to a pulp.  I just hope I will be able to salvage the remains of my pulp and make some really good OJ out of it.  All in all I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for helping me get this far and pray that he will guide me these next 2 years.

This blog will be updated by my dearest Mother and Brother.  They will occasionally post up my letters and photos as I send them North.

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick post before I geddup and leaf 2 the emptysea.   TOODLES ERRYBUDY>



One comment on “Adios!

  1. Siera Barton says:

    Your the greatest! Good luck Elder!

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