HOLA MI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are all of you doing?  What’s been happening at home for the past 4 days?   I feel like its been a couple of weeks already.  The MTC is soo hard.  I feel like I am very unprepared but all elders feel that way so it is OK.  I only have a little time to email today because it isn’t my real p-day.  My normal p-day will be on Friday, just so you know.

 The language is hard.  I wish I knew Spanish better.  My companion  is 6 foot 5. Very tall and a very nice guy.  We get along great.  We had to teach a lesson yesterday for 20 mins in SPANISH.  I don’t know spanish.   It was basically 15 mins of silence and 5 mins of trying to piece together random sentences.  We did really bad.  I haven’t been more frustrated in my life.  Yesterday was by far the hardest, most frustrating day I have EVER had.  The anxiety, plus my brain being overworked, plus fear, and not being able to speak the language is all too overwhelming.  All I could do after our lesson was pray and cry.  It is so hard trying to stay afloat.  Yo se que jesuchristo y mi dios padre celestial poder mi el don de lenguas. ( I know that Jesus and Heavenly Father can give me the gift of tongues.)  Most elders have no experience with Espanol.  One however is really good, not like lightyears ahead, but has a really good grasp on the language.  He would be able to get around just fine.

 The food here is great.  So much to eat and it is needed.  The energy needed to keep my brain going is crazy.  I don’t know what I will do down in Honduras with hardly any food.  The showers here are ice cold, so I only spend a total of 15 seconds in the shower.  My district is so fantastic.  They truly are such great people and all are pretty solid and driven to do their best.  Thanks for the package.  I love you all so much!  Thank you for all being there for me.  I will miss you all greatly over these next two years and wish i could come and see and hug you all.  I’m excited for this work and really feel drawn to people as I teach.  I really feel like I can connect easy and am grateful for this blessing.  The spirit here is stronger than I have felt anywhere.  It is a constant flow of good.  At times it can be stronger and at times it can be weaker.   I challenge you all this week to try and find ways to invite the spirit in  your lives.  If there is anything I have learned this week it is how weak we are as human beings.  We are nothing without God.  He gives us all our strength.  That strength can only come through the spirit.  It is by the spirit that I will succeed in my mission, learn the language, and be directed by the Lord on what I should do.  I love you all, and hope you are all doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Boys, do good in escuela (school)!   It is important to know how to learn and work hard in matters of study.


Elder Jones

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