Week Dos a la CCM (MTC)


 This week has gone by much faster.  The constant struggle has not gone down, but I have gotten used to it.  I love it here and hate it here at the same time.  It is like a prison that you admit yourself to.  It is so spiritual but very taxing on the mind, body, and spirit.  Im going to try and keep things organized but there are too many things to say.  I hope I can get to all of them.

 My branch presidency is really great, they are such a solid, driven group of people.  It is so nice to have great leadership and I am excited to see how things go.

 Thanks for the letters, packages, and pictures!  You have NO IDEA how much it brightens my day.  We check mail after lunch and after dinner.  As a zone rule we can’t open letters or packages until 9:30 at night.  It is killer.  (BTW the keyboard I am using is really spankin bad.  The keys stick and it is hard to type.  To type well I have to pound on the keys like I am trying to dent them.)

 MY DAY:  The days vary, but stick to around the same schedule.  At 6:25 I get up and shower.  At 7:10 I go to breakfast with my district.  At 8:25 is class, or gym.  Everything changes depending on the day.  But if it is gym we do that till about 9:10, and then go do personal study for an hour in class, where we study language (idioma), doctrine (doctrina), or prepare for our lessons.  We also have comp planning.  Then at 11:40 we have lunch.  We go to class at 12:25 until 3:25.  (Btw my teacher is Hermano Stoddard, aka Nathan Stoddard who served in Chile.)  We do language, doctrine, and learn how to teach.  We have a ton of books and things. It’s kind of crazy how much material we have to study.  Scriptures in English and Spanish, Preach My Gospel in English and Spanish, 3 Spanish books that help with phrases, and other language stuff, a missionary bible (white bible) aka, all the rules, effective teaching book, dictionary.  Plus more.  We also use rings with little hole punched note cards on them, that we can flip through and study vocab and stuff.   We clip them on our belts as a fashion statement, and for easy access.  lol   Anyway,  after that we do language study for an hour, then at 4:40 we go to dinner.  The food is good, but is very…….cooked. lots of meat and rice every day.  I’m tired of it and it is only a week.  It just made me realize that I appreciate food much more in its scarcity than it’s abundance.  Then after that we usually go back to class for 3 hours, during which we do the same thing in the afternoon, or teach our investigator Ana Yancy.  She is one of our teachers (of which we didn’t know until yesterday) She pretended to be a person from her own mission, who we teach.  They really focus on teaching people, not lessons here, which is good.  People want to hear what can help with what they are struggling with, not nessicarily about the apostasy.  of course it will be taught in time, but the way to hook investigators is by discerning their problems with the spirit and talking to them.  Then using the spirit to know how to act, and how to link it to the gospel.  It works amazingly well.  Asses needs, teach doctrine, apply through commitments, and them FOLLOW THROUGH.

 I feel like I could write for hours, but I keep on forgetting things I want to say.  My p day is Friday.  We went to the temple this morning and I am doing laundry now.  I can only write emails and write letters on p day.  I can read letters any day so keep them coming!!!!!!!!!

 To Parker:  I have had a spankin crazy urge to watch Naruto.  I’m dying.  I’ll be sitting in class studying and all the sudden a Naruto song will get stuck in my head, mainly the main Naruto one with the whistle where its like duuuuuuuh duh duh duh daaaaaaaa. duh duh duuuuuuuuh duhhhhhh duh duh duhhhhhhhhh.   You know that one right?  It makes me just want to randomly punch someone and do crazy finger movements to use my jutsu.  My chakra is building greatly here, but for a different cause,  a greater cause, the salvation of souls.  P.S. thanks for the cool burnt letter. Ha ha I really liked it.

 To Justin:  Keep playing soccer dude!   I heard from mom about your great goal you got from like the upper right????  Is that how you say it?  Ha anyway, keep it going, enjoy school.   It truly is a joy to learn.   P.S.   WHATS WITH NO LETTER MAN????  DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR OLDER BROTHER?  HUH?  Just kidding.  BUT REALLY, write me next time, aye?

 To Brennon:  Yo was-sup my crazy creative man?   I miss having you give me stuff all the time.  I miss being able to see your creative genius at work.   You will have to send me pics by email of your projects.  Thanks for the letter.  I really liked it.

 To Jaxon:  Hey so I heard Siera brought over Harry Potter the other night.  You happy?  ha ha.  Just wait till you see the last one.  I miss your hugs and your kind actions toward me.  P.S.  I loved the letter from you.  It really brightened my day.

 THANKS for the pictures again.  They are so nice.  I’ve already forgotten your faces.  JK   But I feel like I have been gone for 2 months already.  Kind of crazy.

 To Mommy and Papa:  Thanks for the kind letters and packages.  Dad, thank you for the letter you gave me on my first day.  It really was so nice and comforting.  I really appreciate it.  It is needed.  I’m so grateful for your support and love for me.  Without it, the mission would be really hard.  The only thing I can depend on is Christ, which is the best thing to depend on.   But being that my relationship with him is not up to par as I would like, the extra support from family is nice until I get there.  I feel myself strengthened every day as I struggle and push myself to do hard things.  Even p day is hard work.  I still have plenty to do.  I love you both so much and am grateful for you.

 Its kind of crazy that I am literally “giving up my life” to the Lord.  I have no life.  I am dead to the real world, with only one purpose.  That is to invite others to come unto Christ by teaching them to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end.  But in reality I have woken up to the real world.  The gospel is the real world, not work, school, or play.  Those are just secondary things that help with the real world. It’s amazing how many distractions there are outside, and in here there are none. (There are still plenty of ways to goof off, if you are creative 😀 )

 I feel like I have lots more to say.  I will write a letter today to you guys also.  I went over on time for email, but that’s ok because I need to communicate with you.  I know I am forgetting something.   In fact there are many things that I want to say.   Sorry if I didn’t get to it.  All is good.  I am in good health.  I love you all!  I’ll talk to you next FRIDAY.



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3 comments on “Week Dos a la CCM (MTC)

  1. Tim says:

    Very inspiring stuff. Sounds like things are hard but you will get passed it. Experience is the master teacher and your getting it right now buddy. Just work hard and you will be a powerhouse missionary. NO DOUBT!!!! Lucia and I are very proud of you man. Sounded a little nervous the last time we talked but shoot man i would be too. Going into the unknown. Lucia is getting bigger everyday. She still looks great! 🙂 Well ELDER your doing awesome keep your head up and keep on swimming.

    -Tim & Lucia

  2. john says:

    Elder Jones,

    Sounds like you are doing great. You will be great out in the mission field. It is crazy how quickly perspectives can change. You are experiencing that right now at the MTC. Do not forget that all people are our Heavenly Fathers children and to never pre judge a person. I know they stress that a lot in the prison. Yes the prison system does have some perks and some bummer things but the time will pass quickly and soon you will be out and teaching real investigators.

    John Olsen

  3. Nathan, I loved ready your entry this morning. What an excellent way to hear about your mission and see your fun personality come out in your words. I think my favorite part was reading about Naruto. I have no idea what show you’re talking about, but part of me wants to DVR it so I can personally experience the theme song. I also loved hearing about your useful new belt accessory. Wear your notes and key words proud! I’m glad you’re doing well and learning a lot. You are and will be an exceptional missionary. Love you! -Aunt Carrie

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