A Long, Short Week

Hola, mi familia!

It’s been a long, short week this week.  Don’t ask me to explain what that means, just understand it.  JK   The days move slow, but the week moves fast.  It’s already P Day again.  WE had a great endowment session this morning in the temple, followed by a delicious temple cafeteria breakfast.   Then I came back took a half hour nap in my slacks, shirt and tie, and went to study for my lesson I teach tonight.  Afterwards went to lunch and had a lovely fried something or other.  It was sooo g(reasy)ood.  If you stick to the fruits and salads and vegetables all is well.   However never drink the orange juice here.  It has adverse effects on the bowels, according to the others in my zone.  Rofl’s and syrup.   Anyways after we studied and had lunch we changed and came to do laundry.  That is my day so far.  The most relaxed day of the week.

We are teaching about 9 lessons a week right now.  We currently have 2 investigators (Hermano Stoddard y Hermana Hunt – our teachers.)  One is Benjamin and the other is Sara.  Benjamin is a nice family guy and he takes the lessons well.  SARA on the other hand doesn’t believe in God/prayer/anything religious.  Her father was muslim and was shot by  2 people, her mother is a current investigator, and we believe her husband to be a possible killer on the run (if our translation is correct, lol.)  To all of our questions she answers “no se” = I don’t know.  It drives me mad.  She has no opinion, doesn’t care about what we have to say, and won’t commit to do anything.  She will let us pray to begin and end the lesson, but will not pray herself.  Kind of hard but each time we break her down a bit more.

So many things to say during the week, but I forget them.  My brain is always thinking about so many things.  I’m sorry if I don’t do well responding to your emails!  It’s hard to keep them all organized!  I’m jealous it is temple week this week.  I want to go much more than just once a week.  I love the temple.

We had Elder M. Russell Ballard come speak to us this last week for devotional.  It was awesome.  (I sang in the MTC choir btw.  It was spanking cool – right parker? ck ck)  He had so many things to say that really hit home.  He brought a great spirit with him, not overpowering, but a very humble yet strong spirit.  Here are some of the things he said:  “If you don’t have an objective or goal, you wont know when you have arrived.”  “As you learn to put your self interests aside and focus on His purpose, then you will become more acquainted with the Lord, and Him with you.”  “No matter what may come upon you, round up your shoulders and bear it…….and always sustain and uphold the church of God.”  This was from Elder Holland that I found somewhere,  “You can only convert your investigators as far as you yourself are converted.”  It was a really neat meeting.  We also watched the motab tribute of 9/11 for devotional on Sunday.  It was so neat.  This country is a great place, not all the people are, but the country itself is, “so long as people who choose good are more numerous than those that choose evil”  I hope we have more righteous people in the United States than not.

I am a kid at heart and whenever I took breaks from school or homework or work or whatever I would watch cartoons.  I have so much work here,  BUT NO CARTOONS!  It’s killing me.  I have an irresistible urge after studying hard crazy doctrine that I pick apart, because it takes so much brain power.  I just want to watch some Adventure Time (ck ck), or Naruto, or Pokemon, or Misadventure of Flapjack, etc.  I heard down in Honduras EVERYBODY love Dragon-ball Z.  This is definitely the mission for me.  ha ha

I have come to learn this week as I study different topics in the gospel, just how important it is to have a personal testimony of the things we teach.  If we truly feel it, while we teach it, the spirit will more easily be able to magnify my feelings and help share it with the investigators.   I think that is why testimonies are so powerful.  Because we truly feel and have tested out the principles we teach.  Espanol is coming.  I can now  answer questions during my lessons.  It’s hard if a topic is brought up that I haven’t studied vocabulary for, but then it just gives me a reason to know it for next time I am asked.  The gift of tongues is real.  I’ve experienced it a little when I have had the spirit strong, and I need to talk about something, words are brought to my mind, and conjugations come more naturally.  Two more elders left our district to move up to the intermediate class.  We were just too dumb for them.  JK  They just have had previous experience with good ol espanol.  We are trying to speak it as much as we can.  The goal is to only speak spanish by week 5.  I believe I am on track for that goal.  Some things will have to be said in broken spanish, but I will be able to say a lot by then.  Just this past week has been phenomenal in my spanish speaking improvement.

It had been interesting to note in my studies this past week how integral the atonement is in teaching the gospel.  Every other church had truth, prayer, belief, faith, etc.  But the one thing they do not have, is the authority of God, especially in regards to receiving forgiveness of sins through baptism, and renewing that covenant each week through the sacrament.  Christ is central to our message.  Yo se que Jesucristo es central a el plan de salvación.  yo se que a traves la expiacion de Jesucristo todas personas en la tierra podemos perdonar.  Yo se que Dios nos envio a la tierra a aprender y progresar, y obtener experiencia, y recibir un cuerpo fisico.  Yo se que jose Smith tradujo el libro de mormon por el poder de dios.  Yo se que el iglesia de juschristo de los santos de los ultimas dias esta verdad.  Just wanted to bear a quick testimony.  I missed a million accent marks.  Sorry but I don’t know how to do that on the computer.  Time to get back to real life.  It is so nice to hear from you all! Thanks for the package, notes, treats(oh so good), support.  I wish I could write more, I have much more to say, but alas!  I have to go.  Tootles mi familia.



P.S.   I am having accordion withdrawals.  I hear the songs I play in my head, and just cant get them out.  I am dying to play.  I WILL find someone in Honduras who has one.

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