Apostles Visit


I have a little time, so I thought I would write some more to y’all.  We have had 2 apostles come in the past 2 weeks.  This last week was Elder Russell M Nelson, and the week before was elder M Russell Ballard.  Both had great lessons.  Elder Nelson taught us about the history behind the Book of Mormon.  He gave all of us a special edition Ensign early, so we could read it and be ready to listen to him about it.  You should read it when it comes.  It has fantastic insights.  He also said “The second coming is on its way.”  Kind of gave me a jolt.  We always know it is coming, and will be here eventually, but that he would actually say it in his talk is pretty crazy.  He had 4 missionaries come up and tell “truths” about the Book of Mormon.  He would have them come and stand up next to him, and have little mini conversations with them over the microphone.

Scary business.  I would have keeled over if my name got called. ha ha.  At the end he takes one of the sisters, pulls her close and hugs her and kisses her on the head.  We were all like “is that allowed”?  and then,  “I guess if you are an apostle….”   It actually turned out to be one of his granddaughters.  funny funny.  He really was such a laugh.  He was joking the whole time, arguing with the tech people to turn the lights lower so we could see the screen.  The tech people didn’t know if they were to follow the rules, or follow the apostle. it was funny to see them scramble, and be chastised by an apostle.

TO JUSTIN:  How are you dude?  Are you ok?  I hope all is well.  I’m sorry that you got hurt in your soccer game.  What a bummer!  I hope you didn’t laugh too hard.   Just recoup for a bit with FIFA will ya?  Try not to get hurt.  I miss you and hope you are well.   Stay focused in soccer and escuela!

I miss you all so much.  I wish I could come home and bake cookies.  I have no freedom here.  But that is alright because it is the lords time.  I’m just grateful I have the blessing to be able to communicate with you.  Most of the old school missionaries took a lot longer to send a letter.

By the end of the week I am fried.  I hit that point last night but I know as I keep going, the Lord will strengthen me and make me a better missionary.  Obedience is key. Obedience leads to a greater portion of the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Ghost coupled with a true desire and diligence to obey Gods commandments, leads to sanctification and a power that can influence men.  We had a very inspiring workshop about this, by a Hermano who truly was sanctified.  He told us great stories and talked about before Christ left the Nephites.  The thing they desired most was the Holy Ghost so, on behalf of the people, Christ prayed for the gift of the holy ghost and told them to do likewise.  Afterwards they were all edified and overcome by the holy ghost even to the glowing of their countenance.  The spirt bore a strong witness to me that I need to seek for sanctification.  I will have that when I come home you can be sure of that.

TO DAD:  I hope all is well with your new calling!  What did you guys end up doing for your birthday?  Anything new in the neighborhood?  Any new additions to the coop?  Thank you for your letters.  They are so nice to read.  Im grateful for you support, and love you very much.

TO MOM:  Thank you for all the goodies.  I have a sore throat almost everyday because of them. ha ha.   I have had a decreased immunity to sugar for some reason.  It just kills me.  Thank you again for the pictures.  They are so nice to look at.  I miss your cooking and being able to sit and talk.  I even miss cleaning the house if you can believe it. ha  I love you very much!

TO THE KING OF TEH PARK:  WZUP DUDE  How is escuela going?   Gone on any more dates?   Stay away from girls man, they are terrible.  ha.  How is driving the good ol maxima? I miss Naruto nights/Miyazaki nights/accordion nights/piano duets/dancing/ etc. Thanks for being my best friend.

TO JAXON (THE MAN):  Jaxon, i miss you my little buddy.  I hope all is well. Learn to love school.  It will make life so much easier.  Just repeat school is fun 10x everyday.  Are you taking care of the chickens?  Make sure to give them plenty of water.  Also make sure to help out mom tons. YOu need to vacuum the whole house everyday, OK? ha ha im just kitten. Love you buddy.

TO BRENNON:  Brennon the creationist.  The next Michelangelo.  How are your projects coming?  School?  Have you made anymore friends this year?  I call top.  You can do silverware.   Just kitten.  I miss seeing you and being able to see what you are working on.  I love you!

Time to go eat lunch. (This food will kill me)

OH. btw I’m pretty sure I have a cracked rib down on the bottom left side.  One of the smaller ones.  I got nailed in soccer.  It was like someone was doing CPR.  My chest went in at least an inch.  Kind of cool but kind of hurts.   I’m ok.

BYE FAMILIA, AMO USTEDES!  Este Iglesia esta verdadero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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