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 First of I gotta say cheers to Justin.  That is an awesome cleat to the head.  Ha ha.  I hope he is doing ok.  When did it happen?  HOW did it happen?  Kind of cool if you ask me.  In fact it is spankin cool (azotar masiso).

SOOO it has been another great week at the MTC, I love the beach here.  I love taking my morning sunrise walks, going to the gourmet breakfast buffet, playing checkers/chess every afternoon,  swimming, and best of all is ending the day with a relaxing movie in a hot tub, while drinking a limeade, and picking my teeth with a umbrella toothpick.  hah.  Oh how I wish.  (note: please disregard my ever decreasing spelling ability.  spanish is wreaking my spelling skills) (note #2: forgive me if things seem random and jumbled, there are too many things to remember and think about so I just write as it comes to me: hence the randomness)

I really miss playing the accordion.  Honestly.  I am having music withdrawals.  To compensate I spend my days here whistling various tunes as I remember them.  I’ve whistled everything from Kenny G to my balkan gypsy music.  It keeps me sane and happy.  I’ve decided to develop my talent as a whistler (chiflar), I’m gonna be so pro when I get back.  I’ll go throughout the house in the morning whistling like a bird to pleasantly wake you all up.

 I’ve had the most bizarre dreams here.  Nothing about Honduras, at least as far as I am aware of.  Everything from being back in the dorm, work, home, Salt Lake, China, I even had a dream that I was an assassin and spent most of the night sneaking around dark corners killing people.  Odd, yes.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’m here to save people, not to kill them.

Speaking of saving people, I really love missionary work.  It is such a joy, when you truly have the spirit of it.  Me and my companions taught a neat-o lesson this last week.  We taught our investigator about the atonement, and how through the atonement his family could live together and be with God.  It is cool to see people change as you apply the doctrine we teach to them.  It is so key.  We went over Matthew 12, I think?  It is the one with all the parables saying “the kingdom of heaven is like unto….”.  Its amazing how Christ applied his message to all sorts of people.  His message is one of great importance, and applying it to the needs of the investigator is how to hook them.  Apparently we are the first missionaries to test out this new curriculum, and we are doing great.  People have said we know more in our 4th week about the doctrine and language, and how to teach, than most missionaries knew by the time they left.  Our goal is to hablar su idioma (speak your language) as much as we can.  We ALWAYS pray in spanish, and try our best to find new things to say in spanish.  It is a lot of work, and takes a TON of concentration and endurance.  By the end of the day we all have smoke coming out of our ears.  There is always something to be done.  Even on p-day, I spend a lot of my time studying and learning spanish.

 My companions Elder Beaulieu and Elder Mcrae are awesome.  It is great being with them. We are all so chill, so we have no problems with anything.  Some companionships are terrible here.  One elder cares way too much about things, and tries too much to make the other elder chew a certain way, walk a certain way, dress a certain way, etc.  You would think he was a girl or something.  LOL. jk jk.  I’m just grateful to have such great companions.  It is really challenging to teach in a trio.  It makes it really difficult to find our unity and flow in a lesson.  I know the most spanish so I usually talk the most, but it shouldn’t be that way.  We are really trying to work on getting more and more spanish.  Spanish is important, but having the spirit is much more.  Even if we can’t speak spanish, the spirit is the universal language that can communicate better than words ever can, so our goal first and foremost, is to have the spirit as our Senior companion.  The gift of tongues is real.  I have had gift of tongues moments during the day, when I recall words I never even learned before.  Kind of cool.  It happens most in lessons when the spirit is strong.  Hermano Stoddard is a great teacher.  He was really strict and stiff in the beginning, but he has loosened up a bit, and we learn so much from him and from the spirit.  There are also 5 resource teachers for our zone who each spend 20 hours a week pulling various people out of class and helping them work on things they need help with.  It’s awesome.  It is part of the new program they are doing here.  One of my favorite Hermanos is Hermano Alalima, from Hawaii.  He is just this big chill tall Hawaiian who helps us out a lot.  He told about these sweet ghetto busses they have in Panama, where they buy old school buses from the US and graffiti them up on the outside, put LED, and neon lights on the bottom, and a huge sound system.  The whole time on the bus they just blast electro music, and spanish rap, thats it.  ha ha  He said its like BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP, the whole time.  He also saw the same bus driver get stabbed by a kid with a huge knife, just so he could steal the bus change.  NO BUENO.  Im sure I’ll see that in Honduras too.  I’ve heard some disconcerting stories.  But I’m not going to tell them for the sake of mums nerves.  Name this movie – “Oh my poor nerves, blithering spasms down my body, how could she DO such a thing?”

We went to the temple this morning at 6 hoping to get into a 6:30 endowment session, but came to learn that they don’t start till 7:20 for missionaries.  LAME.  We felt like a bunch of kids who were going to see a movie, only to find out it doesn’t come out till the next day.  SO we did initiatorys instead.  Twas awesome.  Next week we are getting up at 5 to do laundry, then hit a session, and then have the rest of the day to study, eat, and sleep.

 Well, no mas tiempo.  Time to go.  Im sorry I don’t have more to write!  I wish I had more time!  I’m excited to talk to y’all when I am at the airport, before I head to Honduras.  It have almost been here a month, a month next Saturday.  Kind of crazy.  The days are long, but the weeks go by fast.  I love you all!  Take care of Justin!  AMOR Y PAZ.



BTW: Thanks for sending me so many letters and packages,  It really brightens my day!

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