It is 5:00 in the Morning


It’s 5 in the morning.  I’m doing laundry.  Things are really good.  Yesterday was one of those days where things just kind of come together so well.  Yesterday during our lesson with Sara, (doesn’t believe in God, was Islamic, father was murdered, mother is an investigator, didn’t want to meet with us in the beginning) we had a great lesson on Christ and how the Book of Mormon can answer any question.  It turned out to be a great lesson.  One of the best we have taught.  Saying things simply is the key to bringing the spirit.  It makes it easy to speak that way, being that I only know basic spanish- ha.  My teachers are great and they have some awesome insight on how to teach us and what we need to be taught.  It’s like they are missionaries seeking investigators needs, except they are the missionaries and we are the investigators.  The language is coming so well now.  I tried speaking to a native from Mexico yesterday during gymnasio.  It was hard because he knew a lot of big words and spoke really fast but by the end I was able to understand him better.  Also, EVERYTHING IS LEARNED BETTER BY THE SPIRIT.  This is key.  I retain better, I learn more quickly, I comprehend more.  I learned a ton and made leaps and bounds yesterday because of the spirit. The gift of tongues is real.  I can now understand pretty much everything my teachers are saying, no problem.  I can read and translate all the pamphlets into english easily.  The scriptures are more difficult but I can still make out most scriptures.  I really enjoy Spanish.  It is going to be neat being able to speak it in Honduras.

I met a guy last night in our residence hall who is going to Honduras and who has a sister who went to Honduras for a service thing.  He said for every dollar you get 35 limpiras.  10 limpiras can buy you a big bushel of bananas and a couple of ice cream comes (from what he said).  I guess everything is super cheap if you are using dollars. 😀  Muy bueno for me.  He also said you can buy real nice Barcelona soccer jerseys, and flags, and balls, and tons of cool trinkets, for hardly anything.  When you would normally spend over 100 dollars for a nice soccer jersey, in Honduras you spend about 12 dollars.  I’m very excited to go to Honduras.  Time is flying.  I have already been here a month.  All of my district have been called to different callings and we are going to switch district leaders next week, therefore, most likely I will be the DEFAULT district leader. hah.

Thats cool that you guys just took Justin over to Allreds.  I wish I could have seen sister Allred patch him up.

Parker:  Im glad you went to homecoming, it sounds like you had a great group.  All this DI and garage sale talk, is making me super jealous.  Parker keep a sly eye out for any spankin cool ties you can send me.  Seriously. They can’t be super skinny, but they can be slim.  Don’t get me fat ones, I already have enough.  Bien obra with getting the job at Pizza Pie Cafe.  It will be nice to have a constant income.  How is AP calc? What a great class.  Work hard and don’t be lazy for one second.  If you don’t understand something go and get help before or after school.  Oh and Sadies too?  Sounds like you got a nice list of layydees wanting to consume food, and do activities with you.  Bien hecho.

I sing in the choir on Tuesday during devotional.  Practice is on Sunday and right before devotional on Tuesday.  Ha, yeah I heard I had a good close up on my face, on the big screen,  while I was singing.  I haven’t seen anyone I know from home.  I always go to the gym for devotional, and I think most of the people who serve in branches have to go to the overflow rooms.  Yes, Michael and Anders are gone now and I got pictures with them both before they left.  Sammy is in the same building as me.  He is just on the second floor and I am on the fourth.

I will send pictures soon.  I have around 60 pictures right now.  I need to see if I can send them over email or send the card home.

Me and my companions befriended an elder from Cambodia.  He is the coolest guy.  Ha ha, he just makes me laugh. We sit by him almost everyday for breakfast and lunch.  He just started learning english 8 weeks ago, and he can speak to us pretty well.  He always says (berry goot, – very good) ha ha.  He gave us some ties from cambodia.  They are nice handmade blue patterned ones.  I have pictures with him so you can see who he is.  One day he asked for my pen, and started writing things on a napkin; things he had heard in english.  The first word he wrote was ” hot cow”  We were like what?  We don’t…oh holy cow.  ha ha.  He continued to do that with others like “gatcha” and “this is bomb” we are told not to use slang, but he already knew it, so we just told him what they mean.

I am not taking my multivitamin.  It is like a submarine filled with oil.  It is huge.  I will one day.  I don’t know when.  I use oils a lot.  They are extremely useful to have – and yes I use On Guard occasionally.  I have not talked to anyone about my cracked rib.  I just take ibuprofen throughout the day to take away some of the pain.  I found the place where the damage is.  It is right above the bottom tip of my heart (if you could see it).  I can feel a calcification build up, so it is currently repairing itself.  I don’t know how bad the damages is, but the pain is bearable, so I don’t worry about it too much.  I just have to be careful not to hurt it more, and sleep on my back (which I detest.  I can’t fall asleep on my back.  It is impossible)  I’ll go into the health clinic sometime soon and check it out.  Oh btw, your package arrived on Thursday. Same day you sent it if I’m correct.  IT was fantastic!  Muchas Gracias para la comida y la carta.  Estuvo muy bien.  I’m trying to remember all that I wanted to tell you.  I wrote down during the week things that have happened, but I left it in mi pequeno cordero en mi cuarto.

Oh also, forgot to tell you guys this, but one of my Eccos broke.  I’ve worn it probably 6 times, and the front just ripped  off the front of the shoe.  I have no idea why – it is so odd.  I thought Eccos were supposed to last for a long time?  Anyway I will send it home and have you get me a new pair – it is under warranty right?

The scriptures are cool.  I have a new found addiction to the scriptures.  I have been reading many of the epistles and such after the gospels, and really enjoy reading in the Bible.  I have always hated reading the Bible, but it has great stuff in it.  I have also noticed that when I have the spirit more, the gospel – everything in the gospel just makes sense.  Its like the great puzzle is finished in my head, and I get to take a look at it, and then understand what pieces I need to fill in my puzzle.

I wish I had my notebook, because I don’t remember what I wanted to say.  ‘m going to write another letter to you today so I will put whatever I didn’t remember on that.  Well it is time for me to give up my computer to another elder.  Adios!  Amor y paz.



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