General Conference

Once again HOLA,

New week, new stuff.  It’s five in the morning.  That’s how it goes here at the MTC.  General Conference was a good experience here.  We didn’t get the comfy couches, nachos for lunch, or the nice Sunday afternoon nap, but I think we still got just as much out of it as you guys.  Conference was fantastic, yea?  I loved it.   President Monson was quite chistoso.  ha ah  You will have to send me a new journal soon the way things are going.  I wrote 27 pages of conference note.  All of it gold.  I loved the talk that President Uchtdorf gave about the nothingness of man.  I have studied that topic recently and have felt it while here on a mission.  I also liked it when he said “Lucifer tries to bring us above our nothingness, to be proud, and to sin against God.  He also deceives us through discouragement to feel worthless.”  The best place to be is right in the middle of proud and worthless; nothingness.   I also liked the poem that President Packer gave about the crows.  I also really liked Ian S. Arderns talk about time and priorities.  Berry goot, berry goot.  Holland was inspiring as usual.  Especially in the priesthood session.  I like his talk a lot because I am already doing what he asked us to do, which was “come join the ranks.” Boom…done…I’m in the MTC.  Oh I heard a joke the other day about the MTC.  What is the difference between the MTC and prison? …………………………………………………….In prison you get visitors.  LOL so true.  It feels like prison here and I’m ready to go to Honduras.  You know Honduras is the Gun capital of the world, right?  Ill bring home some nice ones, and maybe a few gunshot wounds.  Anyways, too much to say about conference.  I could do a big email on it.  Twas bueno.

My Cambodian friend left this week.  Sad day.  He was such a kind guy.  Fresh peeps come to the MTC every week.  I talked to sir William (my roommate) this week during Almuerzo for a good 5 minutes (thats pretty good, normally there is no time for such things).  I went to the Doctor on Wednesday, I think?? I don’t know, sometime this week I went and found out that I have a virus in the back of my throat and 2 cracked ribs.  BUENO>  O_O    I just take ibuprofen every day, lots of vitamin c, and use the oils that I need.  I still feel no good.  It’s going to be great doing a session this morning coughing and sniffing the whole time.  Finally saw the newer movie last week.  I like it a lot better than the older one.  I caught much more symbolism.  Oh, so I sent a letter to my old companion this last week and I haven’t heard anything from him yet.  I don’t know, Ill probably get a letter from him this week.  Thanks for the package and the pictures!  It was so nice to see parker and his homecoming group, the good pictures of us before I left, and best of all a picture of my beloved accordion.  Oh how I miss it.  I think about it DAILY.  Songs constantly going through my mind and my fingers itch to play.  There better be some down in Honduras.

This last week as I thought about all the things I missed from home, and living in the real world, I realized how grateful I am for these things.  I made a list of things that bring me joy.  Not like a little happiness, but true joy, like giddy, contagious kind of joy.  Here is some from my list:  Music, family, reading the Book of Mormon, beauty of the earth, select anime shows (Naruto, Avitar, Dragonballz, Yu Yu Hakisho etc.), playing accordion, Bryce Canyon, taking care of my patients at work, skinny pants and a nice pair of socks, smell of parmesan cheese, watching mi hermanos grow, back massages (from Parker), hiking, running, french toast and buttermilk syrup, observing people, feeding ducks, listening to classical music in the car and acting sophisticated, sleeping with tons of blankets, facial hair (one of my many future blessings for coming on a mission), working hard, spanish (when I understand it), singing, reading Jesus the Christ, my Ray Charles vinyl, poetry, japanese culture, making up random stories on the spot to tell to people, drawing diagrams on a white board that make no sense, Hiyo Miazaki films (Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, etc), and this gospel. After making this list and more, I realized just how much God truly loves me.  He gives me joy in spiritual ways, and in personal ways, that are different for each person.

You know how I said spanish was finally coming last week? Well then came Monday and I realized that I had a lot more to learn.  I tried to learn some new concepts.  NO GOOD.  It was not neat-o.  Monday was hard.  Oh random thought: we had Chad Lewis come speak to us.  It was incredible.  He is a great speaker.  Seriously.  He told great stories that I would love to tell, but don’t have the time to write, nor could I do them justice by simply retelling them.  But here are some great statements from Chad Lewis  “You will face disappointments, focus on the joy.”  “Repetition is important, don’t ever get bored with the repetition of great things.”  “Be tough and walk through all doors.”  “We are going out in to harms way, we need to take the people out of harms way and teach them how to be healed through the atonement.”  “The longer you serve the faster it goes.”  The last one is true.  It has already been over a month, and  I leave for Honduras in 3 weeks.  BTW Mom, for when I get back, don’t sign me up for any writing classes.  I’m going to be an even worse writer (if you can believe it) when I get back due to spanish.  I am trying not only to talk in spanish, but to think in spanish also.  It is the only way I will get truly immersed into the language.  Everyday I learn more about the language, doctrine, and how to teach.  It is hard to teach in a trio and have unity.  I usually talk the most, but we need it to be equal to have the spirt be more powerful. The spirit comes when things are in unity and order.  Simplicity is the key to understanding and having the spirit.

I’m glad that Justin is doing better and that his brain is healing.  Ha ha or scalp.  I’ll send home some pictures this week, hopefully today.  How is everything going at home?  Im glad that you are doing the Women’s Conference Committee dealio, Mother.  That will be a neat experience to help organize it all.  I’m jealous of all those in school.  It’s weird to only be a couple blocks from my old apartment (they tore it down by the way).  Breakfast is good here.  I have a bagel, granola cereal, cream of wheat, apple sauce, a bowl of fruit, egg salad toast, bacon, and hash browns almost every morning.  The best meal here.  Lunch and dinner, blegh.  I don’t eat much anymore because they have dang chicken burgers or chicken this or chicken that or nasty mexican fajitas all the time.  I guess I should be thankful though.  I mean, in Honduras all I’m going it be eating is beans, and animal guts.  I heard the city (Tegucigalpa) is fantastic.  Just like one of our normal cities.  Cars, restaurants, roads, you know all that civilized stuff.  I hope that is where I start out.  If not, jungle here I come.  Oh, por favor, would you mind researching about a net?  I could use one for when i sleep.  I don’t want to wake up with a tarantula on me.  Things would not end up well.  Well, it is time to go.  I love you mi familia.  Have a great week!  Oh and if there is anything in particular you want to hear about, just let me know!



P.S. i do have access to a microwave.  Thank you so much again for the less sugary treats!!!!!!!!

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5 comments on “General Conference

  1. Jani Obray says:

    Dear Nathan–I’m really enjoying your blog. Thank you for the reminder of some of the great points of General Conference. It’s too bad about your sore throat and the cracked ribs. Hopefully, by the time your mom passes this note along, you’re feeling much improved. Just think of Grandpa Jones after THE car wreck to know you’re in good company on the list of those who’ve survived cracked ribs. You sound good. It’s fun to hear all of the things for which you’re grateful. BTW, you must hate chicken, eh? Is it from having your own chickens? Take care, Your aunt Jani

  2. Megan McEwan says:

    Hahahahaha! I love the prison/MTC joke! I am sure everyone who’s been there would say the same thing. 27 pages of notes from conference? That’s pretty intense!!!:) Dude, we miss you, and love you! Savanna says HI!

    Amy- Do you pass these comments along to Nate?:)

  3. Diana Draper says:

    Dearest Elder Jones,

    Just thought I’d drop you a line since you were the last thing on my mind tonight (which is really morning 12:59), kinda ironic as that is where you were first thing this morning as well which was actually today. Is that confusing enough?

    I was pondering a Christmas gift for you and entertained a full 2 year service Pest Control but he informed me the bugs there do not speak English and his email to “GET OUT” would be useless. I have been bragging I was through with Xmas shopping now back to Amazon, oh bother… LOL

    So with Xmas gift back on the plate look for my version of a “Thanksgiving Dinner Hounduran Style” that will be shipped 11/16/11. I am not sure how long it will take to arrive but if has not by 11/24/12 do not expect me to track it as it will be tracking me at that point. LOL

    I look so forward to your post each week and am so thankful that you have an opportunity to communicate with all that love you! You are a special young man and even more special missionary and will leave a lasting impression on those you come in contact with as you have back home. Heavenly Father blesses you each night and you are in our prayers as the sun goes down as well.

    enfermera jefe
    novicia (that should cover it all)

  4. Diana Draper says:

    Good Morning Elder Jones,
    Woke up this morning to find no Honduras Tribune, so I am waiting 9:00 am, waiting 10:00am and still waiting 10:50, are you awake????

    Seriously I figured you may have had late appointments last night or Franco (we have named your roach amigo) kept you up with his leg work. LOL De je vue Papillon ( a movie starring Steve McQueen and his roach) tell you about it later if you don’t already know.

    LPHS are 1st time State Football Champions GO KNIGHTS, it was a fantastic game and it just doesn’t get better then Chase Hansen quaterback who is as effective running the ball as he is passing an amazing Senior. Looking to go the U of U following mission while Micah Hannamon receiver looking to head to the “Y” after his return. I think both names will ring a bell for you.

    Weathers turning damp and cold with a small snow accumilation this past week, whats the sun like there surely not time to break out the Coppertone?

    Wade says hello and is still wrapping his brain (whats left of it) LOL, around his mission call as you have already experienced. He is so excited yet beginning to understand the full scope of it. Shots, pass port, visa, Preach my Gospel the list goes on as you well know. If allowed we would tatoo his paperwork on him as he looses everything. Just kidding readers!!

    Well grams is dressed with purse on table, a sign she is ready to embark on those holiday ads.
    We are almost done with the hussle and bussle of “Jingle All The Way”. I think they should rename it “Cha-Ching All The Way” it would probaly hit the charts as the Merchants #1 shopping song.

    hasta que nos reunamos de nuevo,
    Pensando en ti,

    Draper & familia

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