Going to Honduras!

HOLA, mi familia,

It’s been a slow week.  VERY slow.  It about killed me.  BUT, I leave for Honduras tomorrow, never to let English fall from my lips ever again.  You guys are going to need to learn how to speak Spanish while I’m gone because I’m going to forget English.  I’ve heard many stories where some elders can’t speak ANY English when they get back.  That will be me.  I have heard many interesting stories about Honduras and everyone I have talked to has told of a scary experience they have had.  BUT all is well because the Lord is with us and he sends angels round about us to protect us as long as we are obedient.  So I’m most definitely going to focus on being obedient.  It’s like tithing. Tithing is fire insurance, D&C 64: 23 ??? I think.  Obedience will be my safety insurance.  Have faith in the Lord and you shall not fear.  I have definitely learned this lesson here in the MTC.  Not that I face any life or death situations but when I approach a lesson with the confidence in the spirit and the submissiveness to follow what I am prompted, everything always turns out right.  Spankin cool.  Faith is a fantastic tool we have a missionaries.  Through the promises we make, the people we will try to find, the promptings we follow, and pretty much everything else in the work of the Lord, is affected by faith.  I’ve never really understood it before but I believe my problem was that I didn’t have confidence and didn’t expect anything to happen.  I would think, “oh it would be nice if it would happen.”  But if you ask anything of the Lord with faith, believing, you shall receive.   It shall be given unto you.  I know this is true.  As long as you ask in the spirit of the Lord’s will.

Speaking all Spanish this week has been good to prepare.  It is hard to do with all the meetings and such that we have to do in English, but it is all good.  I have learned a lot.  I have also learned a lot about goals and accountability.  Very interesting concept.  I have been studying it for the past couple of days.  Oh, also you should use Preach My Gospel as a family in your lessons.  The material is so simple and very easy to apply.  I wish I had had a greater knowledge about it before I came.  It would be wonderful if da bruddas knew PMG well before they came on their missions.  I hope to know it like the back of my hand.  I have read through it many times in the past 2 months and have greatly benefited from it.  It was sad to say goodbye to all our great teachers today.  Hermano Stoddard and Hermana Hunt were great teachers.  We learned a ton of great things from them and had a great time getting to know them and teach them as our investigators.

Sorry this email is so late.  Because of infield training yesterday we had p-day today and it was spent doing laundry, polishing shoes, cleaning the room, writing letters, sending packages, eating, organizing things, and packing the best we could.  Both of my suitcases were overweight, ha.  But I bought a carry on duffle bag that I can have with my backpack.  It worked perfectly and if I have any problems with my luggage I will have some clothing and essentials if it take some time to find my suitcases.  Over all it felt like a very unproductive day in missionary terms, but it was nice to relax and take care of some things.

Now time to answer some questions since I forgot to do that last time. Speaking only Spanish this week has gone well.  I have learned a lot and have found that the more I speak Spanish, and try to not use English, the better I can flow in Spanish.  It started out really well at the beginning of the week but by Thursday it was hard because we kind of lost focus, and then Friday was infield orientation.   They are a bunch of workshops and presentations, all day long that help us get ready for the field.  They were in English so overall it was hard, and I’ve decided that it is hard to speak Spanish when everybody else is speaking English.  I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem with that in Honduras.  About the spiders and creepy things net.  Yes, many other elders have them.  They come in a variety of ways, but all do the job so I’m excited to use mine with my hammock. 😀 I sent some stuff home that I don’t need; my small English hymnbook, other note materials, ties that I don’t want to destroy or they are too ugly for missionaries.  Speaking of which, if I am not to be targeted, I need some more inconspicuous ties that aren’t so nice.  I’ll still wear the nice ones I have but I already have blue eyes, blonde hair, and speak English, I don’t need a fancy tie saying “hey I’m rich, come jump me and steal my money.”  So I ask that in the next package you send me for Christmas or whatever, please keep your eyes out for spankin nice ties, the ties I like, that you can find at any local thrift store: DI.  It would be much appreciated.  Oh, and they don’t have to be ugly, just not so nice and shiny.  Parker knows what to look for.  I bought a calling card today with 500 minutes on it – 3.50 at the bookstore.  Good deal.  So I will try to call you and figure it out.  If not I may just have to call collect, but I don’t want to, because it is too expensive.  It’s kind of weird leaving the MTC.  I got too comfortable here.  It is good that I am finally going because if a missionary is comfortable in missionary work, he is not doing it right.  I’m also really going to miss gymnasio.  I had a nice routine going.  Play basketball for 30 minutes, run for 15, do weights for 15, plus pushups at night.  It’s been good.  It finally started kicking in and I gained 8 lbs this last week and a half, which is a miracle for me since I have been trying to put on weight for years.

Sorry it has been a really boring week.  OH BUT fantastic news about Wade’s call!  I have heard that Argentina is a great mission.  Many missions in Argentina, I think around 7 right now.  I can’t remember which mission is Austin’s or Mike’s, but I do know that they are in the 2 most northern missions or Argentina.  The MTC is the same week in and week out, so my emails from the field will be tons better.  Well time to go. We will chat more tomorrow.  BTW I will probably be able to talk between 10:30 and 12:00 tomorrow night, and 7:30 – 9:00 Monday morning.  Just so you have a guess for about when I will call. It could change but this is what I am planning.  I’ll probably call tomorrow night so I can chat with the boys because they will be at school Monday morning.  Happy Halloween.



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