12 Semitas!

Dear Family,

Things have been hard this last week. We worked really hard and had nothing to show for it.  Our key indicators, or our goals that we set everyday for lessons, new people, families, abrir la boca (open the mouth), etc have been not very good.  We have tried hard and have tons of appointments, but all for nothing.  Every day we had 7 to 8 appointments and only 1 goes through.  It is so frustrating.  But we did have a family come to church yesterday.  What a blessing.  They are so great.  They are our only real positive family right know.  We have others, but we have some challenges to get over first.  This family is better off than most and live in a pretty nice house.  It is small but they have a nice plasma screen TV, couches, nice kitchen, etc.  The father already has some experience with the church and both have read and are following all of our commitments. They offer us orange juice every time we come. Ha-ha very nice

Thanksgiving was tough.  I had a huge bowl of cereal, 12 semitas, orange juice, p b and j.  That was my Thanksgiving.  Most of the missionaries had citas (appointments) to eat, but we had none.  Sad.

The Book of Mormon is fantastic, and in all reality, it is a small book, when you think about it.  Lots of information, but it is pretty small.  I love it.  I am now in Alma 29.  I have read half the book of Mormon in 2 weeks and 3 days.  Pretty amazing experience.  I have heard of people and wards getting together to read the Book of Mormon, all day for like 2 days, all gathered together eating, and reading, and loving it.  Kind of cool.  Anyway it is a neat book.

I have learned an interesting thing about faith and the spirit this week.  Having confidence in the spirit, giving it the opportunity to work, having the faith to go out on a limb and wait for it, is huge in growing our faith and increasing our sensitivity to the spirit.  Things are hard.  Always.  They don’t need to be, but with my perfectionism, it is very hard to see me not do as well as I would like.  I have so much to study and understand in English, study in Spanish, memorize, learn works, examples, and learn how to teach.  It is all very overwhelming and I know it will come in time, but it is hard not to have a solid way to gauge my growth.  I don’t want to return from my mission feeling like I could have done more.  This is a constant anxiety for me.  Only with the help of the Lord can I do this.


Elder Jones

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