An Answer to Prayers


TODO BIEN. TODO CHEKE.  HONDURAS ES MASISO.  This week was an answer to many prayers.  I have found my place here in Honduras.  I feel accustomed, I can hold a conversation, navigate around the city, I actually like beans, crazy but I really do like them.  I have come to a solution with my perfectionist problem.  I will write out a big paper with goals that I want to accomplish everyday and then work my best to accomplish them.  In reality, I am living righteously, trying my hardest, praying, fasting, everything, so I don’t need to worry.  I found a great scriptures this last week in 2 Corinthians 12: 7-12 I think.  It talks about weaknesses.  Also my new favorite scripture is D&C 123: 17.  It talks about doing everything in your power and standing back with peace and watch the Lord take care of the rest.  It is very comforting to me and it will be a scripture I will use to combat my perfectionism.  I have learned to have confidence and to rely on the Lord.  The spirit is everything.  If I don’t have the spirit I cannot literally teach, contact, nada.  I truly am given things to say and at times you would think that I have been here a lot longer than I really have.   By the way I can speak.  I’m not saying this to boast, only to recognize the great blessing that the Lord has given me.  I can give the whole first lesson examples and all, 40 – 55 minutes of information all by myself, in Spanish.  I’m working on lesson 2 and I can also give many impromptu answers to the many various questions that people have.  It is hard because I love the scriptures and I am very familiar with my markings and the pages in English, and my Spanish one is completely different.

I also gained a testimony of prayer this last week.  Truly a miracle.  I have been praying for the Lord to prepare a family to accept the gospel for 4 months now, even before I entered the MTC.  About 3 weeks ago we finished a lesson and didn’t have any other appointments. We didn’t know what we should do so I suggested that we should pray.  I prayed and asked to be lead to a family that He has prepared to accept this gospel.  So we proceeded to go down some stairs on the way back to the main road in our area and when we passed this house, we both stopped and knew that we had to knock at this door. So we did.  At first the lady was apprehensive because it was night, and dangerous, but after she saw that we meant no harm she let us in.  This was the family that came to church last week and for 4 lessons we taught them, and they have been super accepting.  Absolutely perfect.  We asked them to read 3 Nephi 11 and they read it, marked it and truly wanted to understand.  This chapter tackles a lot about baptism and when Christ came, and is how we segued into asking them to be baptized.  When we went through it Walter kept mentioning baptism – like 4 times.  So when we finally asked them they were ready and accepted.  However, they are not married and we are doing the paperwork right now.  They are going to be married on the 23rd of December and baptized on the 24th.  Great Christmas present.  Ha-ha. Afterwards they related to us their experience.  They had been looking for something more in their life (exactly what we like to hear), and we happened to knock on their door just at the right time.  They are super kind, the kindest people I have met here.  I truly love this family and know that we were meant to find them.  Truly a miracle.  Walter owns a private, small bus company with 2 busses. They are really just like big vans.  We used his services to go to Valle Verde to see the waterfall and to check out the stores.  Great guy.  I can’t really explain the joy that comes from this.  It’s like nothing that I have ever felt before.  I can picture them going thought the temple a year from now and know that they will be dear friends in this life and in the next.

Sunday is pretty chill.  I don’t have any responsibilities, only to bring people to church and clean and set up chairs and stuff.  Which is easy since we live in the chapel.  Yes, we meet for a full 3-hour block.  We have 60 to 90 people in church every week. The rama (branch) is still small and starting, but things are starting to pick up and people are starting to take responsibility.  The lifestyle here is very laid back, so it doesn’t function quite like we are use to. The Branch President is the best.  We started fasting Saturday after lunch and finished lunch Sunday.

I have a hard time writing and spelling in English.  Bad, bad, bad.  I don’t know if you have noticed.  I was reading my journal and the difference in my writing now and when I first started is amazing.  There are some words that my first thought is to say them in Spanish rather than English.

We went to a place called Valle Verde today to hike to a waterfall and to check out some of the tourist stores.  It was fantastic.  So fun.  I almost bought a machete.  I should have. The machete was normal but the case was what was cool.  It has a belt holster that is made out of leather and has cool tassel thingies.  It is more of a sword than anything.  But I didn’t get it.  I will get one some other time.  But I’m going to get myself a 2 leather scripture cases.  There is a guy that makes individual leather cases and then carves on the front any picture you want.  You know the picture of Helaman on the horse and the 2000 stripling warriors?  I’m thinking of this one.  I saw it the other day and it is stinking cool.  It costs about 45 dollars for 2 cases, one for my bible and one for my triplet.  This is my Christmas present.

I had a hilarious dream this last week.  I was in my old room where parker now resides; changing my clothes and president Uchtdorf comes in.  I was just standing there in my garments and he proceeds to ask how he should cook his chicken.  I was befuddled so I said I don’t know. Then his daughter came in after and asked the same question.  So I said the first thing that came to mind – I said she should use the George Forman grill. Ha-ha.  Good memories of college with good old George.

We had Zone Conference this last week. It was very, very good.  All of the missionaries in Tegucigalpa were there.  The missionaries here are great and I really love working with them.  There is definitely a barrier between the gringos and Latinos but everyone is very friendly and has a loving bond between everyone.  Elder Davis is in the other zone that we are with every p day and it is nice to have him here to chill with.  My ZL’s are awesome and we have a lot in common.  The Latinos are crazy and so fun to be with.  There is one elder Velasquez that is always the jokester.  He had a horn made from the horn of some animal, and we were at the waterfall, with a cave behind it.  He started blowing it and dancing around and tons of bats came out of the cave.  Hah, I will send a video soon.

Elder Jones    O_O

My Thanksgiving meal – chocolate milk, cereal and semitas

Walter drove us to Valle Verde in one of his busitos.

Two Zones enjoying the waterfall in Valle Verde

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