Blonde Hair

Hola Familia,

Well I don’t really have a whole lot to say today.  Ha-ha. Not much has happened since I called yesterday.  That would be great if you sent me pictures.  I love to have real physical pictures.  Could you send some by email of Christmas with the family?  Both sides, on their respective nights of Christmas Eve festivities, also Christmas day at the house POR FAVOR.  Gracias.

One thing that I forgot to tell you yesterday was about my haircut.  Because my hair is blonde people love it.  Never do you see a real live blonde person and for many people I am their first sighting.  Lol.  I grew out my hair decently long to part it and have it all nice like, but I finally got sick of it and decided to chop it off.  So I went to the barberia close to my house and got my hair cut.  I could tell the lady was enjoying cutting my blonde hair.  She probably saved them and is planning to use them as sprinkles for her kid’s birthday cakes.  Seriously.  People worship my hair.  After it was cut I had several people offended that I didn’t save some of my hair and give to them.  Nasty. Why would you want someone else’s hair? Anyway, kind of funny.  Oh and I loved the Bizzaro comic that you sent me – Comb over using eyebrows, mustache, nose hair, and ear hair.  Beautiful!  Exactly my humor.  Siera must have thought the same thing too, because she sent me the same comic.  You know me way too well.

Hey tell me what you all got for Christmas!  I didn’t ask that yesterday.  How was your experience?  What did you eat?  How were the gatherings with the families?  We are going to the Stake Presidents house this afternoon, to play pool, ping-pong, and board games.  Fun fun.  We also are doing a Family Home Evening tonight.  All of our investigators are pretty stale.  They don’t have the desire to change or just don’t have time for us.  So we are doing a cleansing this week, by visiting all, dropping those who don’t want anything and then trying to find more to add to our investigator pool. It is hard because our area is small.  We have already talked to a lot of people.  I just hope and pray we can have some more good progressing investigators.  It is just going to take some time finding them all.

Love you,


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One comment on “Blonde Hair

  1. Diana Draper says:

    Hey Elder Jones,

    Sorry to hear that the “Dragon” is still hunting you down. I have been reasearching what to feed that dragon with little or no luck other then Immodium which is now available OTC if your mom has not aleady sent it. I am glad you are finding strength however in slaying that dragon by pulling your boots on and carrying on. I pray you will recover soon and in the meantime always know where the closest bushes are. HA Take good care of yourself and let me know when my letters and Christmas package arrives although we were seriously hoping it would have been there by 12/24/2011. I thought about you at the culdesac Cosgrave Christmas Lighting and hoped you were having a Silent Night although I was not sure what time it wast there at that moment. Continue to know you are in my thoughts and prayers each week and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Sister Draper and Fam

    PS (Is Franko resting well in his sleeping bag? If you can’t answer this then your package has not yet arrived, let me know.)

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