Interesting Week

Hello Family,

This week has been an interesting week to say the least.

Monday: p day went to a waterfall and almost bought a machete

Tuesday: early morning I woke up during the middle of the night to someone being murdered behind my house.

Wednesday: I spent the morning making piñatas at a member’s house, spankin cool.

Thursday: Got my package for Christmas!  Thank you. I’ll wait till Christmas to open my stocking and stuff.  Talked to a guy who said authority is given to people through the Holy Ghost, and that all you need is Jesus.  He says our pamphlets are basura (garbage), and that he was going to pray for us to find the right path.

Friday: rain rain rain rain rain. and more rain. It gets pretty cold here at night. Taught a couple, one quit doing drugs, and the husband is still doing them, and we are trying to get him to drop them.  A lot of my area does drugs, but this guy was tripping hard when we had a small lesson with him and his wife.  Overall, a funny experience.

Saturday: Drunken guy shoots guy who wont give him money to buy more liquor, at the bottom of my area.

Sunday: primary program, also we attend institute and sometimes teach it every Sunday afternoon at 4.

Things are moving forward with our family that we are going to marry on the 23rd and baptize on the 24th.  Walter and Rosa have 2 kids, Angel and Amanda.  Amanda is going to be baptized with her parents. We have lots of investigators, but not many are progressing.  It is hard bringing members to church (my house) because it is very unorganized and loud because there are lots of classes going on at once, and always people are moving around.  Imagine sacrament meeting with kids wandering around the paths in between the chairs, people leaving to go to the bathroom or what ever, leaving to talk on the cell phone, and this is what we have.  We have about 80 people attend every week.

The stake center that I am in is on Boulevard Morazan, Tegucigalpa.  If you search this on google earth you can see where I am now – every Monday and Thursday for p day.

It has been discouraging this week in that I can’t say everything that I want to say.  I greatly lack when it comes to language skills.   They are pretty good, but I want to have a better relationship with people and be able to express things better.  I feel like it is a ton that I have to learn; doctrine, language, culture. Everything, really quick and in 6 weeks I will be training someone.  They are doing a purge in the mission – oldies with oldies, noobs with noobs.  My mission president has been here for six months and he is trying to get out all the bad habits of the old missionaries and not pass them on to the new missionaries.  I have a lot to learn before this point. I am not very good at just teaching on the spot.  In English, sure, well enough, but in Spanish I have to study a ton and memorize things.   I have to have a solid outline in my mind if I am going to give a good lesson.  Lesson one I have down, lesson 2 is hard, because there is a lot of information about the plan of salvation, but I have to teach it super, super, super simple, yet clear with all the pieces fitting and making sense.

A scripture that has offered a lot of comfort to me in the mission is Alma 26: 27 – 31.  I think when Alma talks about his privations, and all the things he goes through to teach the gospel.  As you keep on reading he says we supposed that our joy would be full if we could be the means of bringing some.  This is what I’m looking for.  I don’t need bunches, I just want to see a little success, and after they were done they looked back at the fruit of their labors and they say that there are many.  I love this scripture.  Also D & C 123: 17.   I just need to do all in my power, stand back and let God do the rest.

I love your letters. Thank you.  It is the best part of my week.  I feel like I’m close to home.  I love hearing about the boys. Tell the boys that I love them.  I have felt so bad for those who are going through hard times back at home.  I have definitely learned many lessons here – one being that trials will make us better, simple as that – well, as long as you are making good choices during the trials.  Well, I had better go.  Love you!  Have a great week!

Love you familia!


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