We Built a Room!

Hola Familia,

This week was good and things kind of roll together now.  Time passes by really fast.  We are always busy doing stuff.  I feel like yesterday was P day, and now it is here again.  Nothing super interesting happened this last week.  We built a room on Tuesday.  Wee tore apart this ladies house and built another house for her, separate from her house.  The wood had been rotting and the metal lamina was falling apart.  She is a pack rat and had piles of junk everywhere so it was tough.  We built this thing with hardly any materials.  Basic, basic framing – four posts with 3 pieces going across all sides – top bottom and middle.  Then we nailed metal lamina (I don’t know what it is called in English) and old pieces of a big sign, to the posts to build the walls and roof.  We also built a spankin cool door.  It was really quite wonderful.  It took all day long.  We started 8 in the morning, went to our cocina for lunch at 1, and returned after to finish and done at 5.  We are also going to help make piñatas again tomorrow.

For p day today, we aren’t doing anything special.  Just chillin.  Last week we played a 4-hour game of Risk and went to the office to get some material.  They built a Little Caesars, pretty much across the street from the stake center, so we also had pizza last week.  We had Ward Conference this last week.  Our rama (branch) isn’t official, and really is part of the barrio (ward) sitio.  The sitio building is about a 10-minute walk and most people don’t want to walk and there aren’t any buses that go there, so they split it up.  We are trying to get a building built, but we need evidence, through our attendance.  At ward conference we had horrible attendance, unfortunately not worthy of a new building.  A week ago we had 90 people, filled to the brim.  Our branch is growing really fast, but the ward is not.  There is a little contention between the 2, but overall todo cheke.

I really like the food here.  It has taken a while to get used to it, but i really do like it.  Beans, eggs, cheese, quarter of a guacamole, and a small block of cheese is an average meal.  My favorite thing is tostadas, which are just small hard corn tortillas, 2 with melted cheese in between them, refried beans spread on top, with ketchup, or mantaquilla.  Ah, que rico.  My favorite thing here!

I don’t know what my Christmas is going to be like this year.  My area is pretty poor, but people are so kind to us, and always give us food.  We will visit many of the members Christmas Eve and share small messages of Christmas with them.  The 25th isn’t really that big here but the 24th is when they party.  I’ve heard it is absolutely crazy.   Lots of fireworks and bombas (little fireworks that sound like a gunshot).

Ok, time to respond to your questions.  My church is at 9:00 and only sacrament mtg this week.  I will try to call aroung 2:30ish.  I don’t have a phone set up yet, but its not hard.  I have many friends here.  If I can’t call at 2:30 then later on during the afternoon.  My comp gets emails, but he doesn’t care much for it.  He is on the computer to read and write a bit, only for 10 minutes.  He doesn’t care much for writing.  He is a good guy, but he is getting baggy.  Ha.  Anyways he is going home in 6 weeks.  We had cambios this last week, but because i am being trained nothing changed.  Most likely I will be in my area for 6 months.  3 months to train me and 3 months for me to train someone else.  No packages yet.  The zone leaders didn’t have enough time to get the packages and mail Friday, but are going to get them today.

I’m so jealous that you have 2 weeks break.  Honestly, I envy you all so much.  Ha.  I heard the new Zelda game came out too.  Man, I got over my gaming, but I really crave a good game of Pokemon and Zelda every once in a while.  It is hard to think that you guys live a normal life right now when I am so restricted.  It is good, but oh how I miss life at home.  I’m hoping to get a Barcelona jersey today.  It is stinkin cheap, and I still have money left over for Christmas.  I miss the temple so much.  After going every week, for months, it is hard to not go.  Tell Parker and Justin to keep going.  The temple is so key.  They can’t afford not to go every week, because the blessings are too great to miss out on.  I Love you all!  Have a fantastic Christmas with all the family!  I wish I could be with you guys!



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