January 2012!

Hello Helloo Hellloooooo,

Well this week was defiNATEly a great week. Violence, kids throwing firecrackers at me, super sick, not a lot of people want to listen. But all is well because I am doing the work of the Lord and I have this new week to start afresh.

When I called on Christmas I was having problems with congestion, and it went away for a day and then came back really bad on Tuesday.  It sort of grew more and more as the day went on.  Stomach pain, headache, chills, and I thought I was going to throw up a couple of times.  I couldn’t hack it any more so we went back to the house at 7:30 and I rested and watched church movies on our handy dandy missionary DVD player.  By 9:00 my body decided to go in attack mode, and I came down with the biggest fever I have ever had, but I had the chills too, and achy, like when you have the flu.  So I’m just lying there in my bed trying to sleep, but getting out of bed to release the dragon every 15 minutes.  At 10:40ish I finally fell asleep. I slept till 10:00 the next morning and the flu had gone, and I was feeling a bit better.  Still achy but I got up and ate a tad and studied for 3 hours.  Then by that time we usually leave to go eat lunch.  I was still feeling crummy, but I felt that we needed to go out.  So I stumbled out of the house, with my companion, walking like a gringo zombie through the streets.  Ha.  But through my faith in going out, the Lord helped me to slowly feel better, and by the end of the day I felt about 77.2% healthy instead of 12. 7%.  Definitely a testimony builder of doing what the Lord asks, and He will provide a way for me to do it.

We have not yet had the Baptism of Walter and Rosa yet.  We have the papers for Walter, but they are having problems with Rosa.  To fix the problem she has to go to this office to figure it out , and it is 2 hours away.  So they are going to go on “vacation” this week to figure it all out.  Then we will hopefully marry and baptize them the next Friday and Saturday.  We also have a baptism of a lady named Ruth for the 20th.  She is super solid.  Really awesome.  We also had one that fell a week ago.  He just doesn’t want to give up his sins.  He understands everything really, really well.  Super smart, knows English, works in a fruit orchard, and we are pretty sure that he is gay.  So he needs to figure this out before we can baptize him.  The elders before me have been working here with him for more than 6 months.  Kind of sad.  Maybe someday.

Our church attendance the past 2 weeks was 24 and 20.  Really terrible.  This rama had a lot of good people, but they just aren’t as converted as they need to be.  And this coupled with the layed back culture here makes it hard.  I was talking about this to the president of the branch.  He is one who is super proactive, full of energy, and has his dreams and will accomplish them.

This time of year is super dangerous here, and I’m glad to relate to you this day that I lived through it unscathed.  No problems.  However the elder who was here before me had his shoes and backpack and money robbed from him.  Kind of funny that people would rob your shoes.  But apparently his were really nice.

That is so great about Aunt Lucia and baby Sofia!  Wow.  Absolutely wonderful.  Thanks again for sending pictures.

Well I spent too much time trying to figure out the pictures so this is all for this week!  I love you all and will try to send a gigantic email next week.


P.S. Thank you so much for the pictures!  I can’t tell you how much I love to see pictures from home. Brennon already has grown a ton.  His face looks older and he has defiNATEly grown taller.  No doubt about it.  It looks like this past week was a blast, and all had a great time. I’m jealous.  But just think – 2 years and I will be there with you all.  I have to tell you Mom when I was sick it reminded me of when I was little and I got really sick and you would take care of me.  I was feeling very sad and all I wanted was my Mom.  Thanks for taking care of me mom. I love you.

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