About my Life

Hello Family,

So Parker asked to hear more about my life.  My life is simple.  I do the same thing everyday – in all reality.  I’ll give a run down of what happens.  I wake up at 6:30, pray and eat.  By the time I’m finished with these things I start exercising.  We actually found a guy up the street that lets us use his weights. He has a huge, huge weight that we use to bench press.  I can’t even do it (not that that means much) but it’s heavy.  We use 4 cut stones and a ledge with a plank of wood as our bench press.  Pretty cush.  We live like kings.  Anyway I have been sore from that for the past few days.  I usually spend 30 – 45 minutes lifting, doing push-ups, and abs.  Then by this point I’m hot enough to take an ice cold bucket shower.  I put water in the cooler, get in my towel, walk to the shower, cover up the hole in the side of the wall, so people can’t see me bathe, and then commence the misery.  It really isn’t that bad, but I’m a baby when it comes to cold water.  I’ll fix that quick though with 2 more months of these showers.  After this I get dressed, (oh brush my teeth is one of the first things I do along with pray and eat) do my hair, eat a cookie, and go into the back room to study.  I start with an hour of personal study, usually a topic I want to learn, and I read in the New Testament, and Book of Mormon, in English and mark scriptures that I need in Spanish.  Then I start language study for an hour.  I found an old Spanish book of a missionary and I use it and do all the practices; highlight words that I don’t know and then write the definition to review everyday.  I also bought an electronic dictionary that I use to look words up and to take quizzes to improve my vocabulary.  After this we have companionship study.  We have already planned out the day and what we are going to teach every night, so we study what we need to be prepared.  After, we study what is written in the new 12-week program for the missionaries.  It’s all right, just a review of what we learned in the MTC.  After this at about 12:30 we leave to go to our cook lady and eat.  I have rice pretty much everyday.  I’m so sick of rice.  Oh and I was talking to my companion and he told me that we ate cow tongue this last week. ha-ha.  I didn’t even know.  Disgusting. Now that I think about it, it did look kind of weird.  It was really rough in places, and then really soft in others.  Almost like cheese in some places.  It was cooked to be super soft, but lots of it was too thick and gnarled to soften all the way.

My cook lady is in a wheelchair and her name is Maria.  Her legs got run over by a train, so both of her legs are amputated above the knees.  Nice lady, very headstrong.  No husband, but if she had one, she would be the one calling the shots.  Anyway after this we usually have appointments or if not we open the mouth and try to find new investigators.  We spend this time from 1:40ish to 9:30 at night doing missionary stuff; contacting, teaching lessons, visiting members, setting up family home evenings, meetings with the president.  We don’t really eat dinner.  We usually just kind of hope people will give us food.  A lot of times it is just given to us, but if not we hit up the only food place in our area and get 2 tacos (good tacos, not Mexican tacos) fried plantains, covered in cabbage and cheese, and some sort of sauce.  After, we plan and then I study, as my companion calls people. He isn’t supposed to, but what can I do.  He leaves in 1 week, so, waheva. That’s my day.  Everyday.  Boring at times, but things happen to keep it fresh.  For example I was walking out of the Dispensa (a grocery store) and a drunk guy came and started yelling “I have the melchizedek preisthood.  I have power!  You guys have power!  God is with us!(in spanish of course).” I’m sure he did have it.  Quit drinking, got baptized, got priesthood, started drinking, got kicked out of the house by his wife, and now he just spends his days drinking.

We went to the temple site this morning.  Super cool.  We drove up a hill above it to take pictures as a zone.  The temple is pretty small but is like a fortress.  It has a hotel and a stake center on the property.  It should be finished in August.  I’ll try and get some photos to you.

There are still problems with Walter and Rosa.  She is still sick.  She just needs to go and get help to figure it out.  So I don’t know when their marriage and baptism will happen.  I’m going to baptize a lady named Ruth this Saturday at 2:00.  I am also teaching an indexing class to the youth in the rama (branch) this Saturday right after the baptism.  We have gone around as missionaries and the branch president and dedicated houses and given blessings to people to start the year well.

Well, I have to go.  Love you all!  Have a great week!


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One comment on “About my Life

  1. Diana Draper says:

    Hey Elder,
    Just checking in this morning before Church, usually wait tell Monday but tomorrow is full from the time my feet hit the floor, you know that feeling right? Glad to hear your trainning for the Olympics when you return LOL. Dropped you a line on Dear Elder so if you have a moment I’m dying to hear from you although I really do each week on the blog third party. As mentioned alomst everything purchased for Wade’s mission and last road trip to see Celine Dion was great. Brelynn and Wade sang most of the way and I had VIP seating with no charge other then the gas.

    Things sound good there I’m happy! Cow tongue, here’s a little secret, my grandmother was a farmers wife and made good of every part of what they slaughtered, so it was not uncommon to have cow tongue sandwiches on Saturdays between plowing fields. Now she overcome the texture by grinding it adding mayo and pickle relish, which was not my favorite condament, and serving it on homemade warm bread. Overall it was pretty good. So there you go I’m sure you can run down to your local Walmart and purchase the meat grinder right? LOL

    Well Wade just kissed me goodbye and is off to Church, how dashing he looks this morning wearing one of his new suits to see how it feels. He has been attending the singles Ward regularly as well as Missionay Prep. He’s quiet about his mission around the house but talks alot about it to his friends. At first I was worried but realize he is just helping me maintain my sanity LOL. I do find the extra hugs and kisses very meaningful these days.

    Kids just waking, day starting, so I best start this day with them. Keep the the sunshine in your smile and know we are smiling at home knowing you are serving the Lord!

    Sister Draper

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