My First Baptism!

January 23, 2012

This week was good.  I had cow tongue again.  Yummy, yummy.  Ha.  I bought another bag to use, like a satchel to use on days when it is hot. My backpack stains the back of my shirts when it is hot and I sweat, so on really hot days I use the satchel.

Things went well this weekend.  I baptized HMA Ruth and a boy named Jose Carlos.  The boy has been attending for years, but no one realized that he needed to be baptized until he asked us to do it this last week.  He is a cool boy, but very poor.  He lives with his grandma and he scavenges in dumpsters with his grandma to find old bottles and stuff to sell.  This is how they live and eat.  Very, very poor.   Hermana Ruth is 31, she has a couple more classes until she is an infermeria (nurse) and she has a 7 year old son.  She lives with her mom.  She is super nice and intelligent.  The baptism was really great.

Still looking for a house.  The big one we found is awesome but really expensive.

Rosa went in for surgery this morning to take out 20 kidney stones.  We are going to visit her this afternoon.  We are going to marry and baptize them in one day hopefully when she has recovered.  We are going to go an hour and a half out of the city to marry and baptize them in a RIVER.  Yep.  Spankin cool.  Sorry I don’t have a lot more time.  I’ll write a better letter next week.  More details.  I get a new companion this week!  Love you guys!  I got a ton of photos downloaded!  Enjoy!  I love you all!

Elder Jones

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