A New Companion

Hello Family,

Wazzup.   So, this week was good.  It was really refreshing.  Elder Morales left this past Wednesday for his house.  It made me really baggy to see him get ready to go home, and him just chilling with the knowledge that he gets to see his family again.  I was extremely jealous.  My new companion is Elder Sac from Guatemala.  He is stinking awesome.  Super new, super fresh, lots of energy, lots of faith, and he knows how to teach really well.  We found 3 solid families yesterday.  We have been looking for references from the ward members and we got 8 of them.  We have 3 more possible baptisms this month on top of the other 4 that we will have with Rosa.

Rosas surgery went really well.  She is healing quite fast.  She showed us all of the kidney stones that she had taken out and it was a whole bag full; at least 150 of varying sizes.  Some like sugar grains, other like pebbles.  Crazy.  Ruth is doing well.  She is super strong and I know she will always stay in the church.

So do you remember when I told you all the CNA´s and Nurses at work, called me Ken, and then someone told me that that was my nickname during break, yada yada.  Well that is what Hma Rosa calls me. Ken.  Ken de las barbies.  Ha, ha.

Elder sac is super cool.  We are going to do work here.  With Morales it was good, but he was so baggy, and never wanted to talk to me.  I know he didn’t like me too much, but that’s just how it goes.  We had a party for him this last week.  There are some pictures that I uploaded.

Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you but I’m training.  Crazy.  Five months and training.  (I complete 5 months tomorrow :D)  I like training.  I can choose what I want to do.  I’m not held back.  I have a fresh, optimistic companion.  My language skills have skyrocketed. Really good.  We were in the Mission Home for a meeting with all the people training. Only 4 gringos are training.  I was asked to give a brief summary of my testimony of the 12 week program, and after one of my friends Elder Gevedo and Hermana Hernandez said that I speak the best Spanish they have ever heard from a new gringo.  She said I sounded like a Latino. This was really nice to hear.  I have been worried that I don’t know enough, and it is so nice to feel like I’m right on track. DefiNATEly the gift of tounges.  I can tell when I really feel the spirit; it is so much easier to speak.  I lead all the lessons, contacts, todo. Things are good. Still hard, but always getting better.

This week is a new week.  Things are good.  I’ve had some really good studies this last week.  I love learning about this gospel.  It all makes sense. My testimony has been solidified through my studies.  I love teaching the gospel. I just don’t like it when people don’t want to listen, or they are mean.  🙂

We almost got robbed this last week.  It was pretty scary.  We were in a dark alleyway trying to get to an appointment and this lady said, “I’d rather ask for money first than strait up rob you.”  So we gave her a little bit of money, and then another guy came up to us and tried to smoothly rob us.  But we just started teaching him and he left. Ha. Also, I wake up every night with people trying to break into our front gate. We just have to switch on the lights to get them to go away, but it is still scary.  Anyway, crazy this week.

Still looking for a house.  It is slow, and the stake doesn’t want to help us.

That is a sweet activity that you did with all the wedding dresses. It’s definitely cool to set the YW’s sights high for the temple.

That’s cool that you guys are trying to eat so well.  That really will help the health.  I’ve seen my health improve somewhat with eating a lot more beans and vegetables here. I was sick again this week. Really bad.  Not going to give details, just know that I’m better.

Well family I love you. Have a great week!  I will try to get some info for the pictures!


Elder J

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