A New Zone Program

Yello fambly,

Yelder Honez spreking.  Things are going well here in Honduras.  I just watched a video of another missionary where they killed a pig with a hammer and a machete.  Pretty sweet.  Lol. Actually, it was really quite gory.  I kind of wish I didn’t see it.  I realized this week that I truly live in a 3rd world country.  It is the 2nd poorest in the world.  It really is quite sad the poverty here.  Very sobering.  I feel sad seeing pictures of our house, when I see how people live here.  It’s going to be hard to come back to rich ol Utah.  I’m getting used to being poor.

I was at the check out this last p day, and I saw M & M´S!  I couldn’t believe it.  REAL chocolate.  So I bought it, and ate it on the way home in the bus.  It was one of the best moments of my mission.

So Rosa and Walter are really doing well.  We are teaching a daughter of Rosa, from another guy.  She comes to help around the house.  We are going to teach her this week, and baptize her hopefully with the whole family this next week on the 14th.  Valentines day.  :D.  We are hoping.  Rosa’s dad is an Evangelical pastor, but really nice and happy to help us marry them, so he is traveling to the office, today, to get the papers that we need.  We were talking the other night and Amanda the daughter told me that she has people visit her at night.  Kind of freaked me out.  When she said that, the spirit zinged through my whole body. I have never felt it this way before.  She has seen a boy sitting on her brother’s bed, a black man beckoning to her and a hand come next to her face to try and touch her.  We are almost positive that these are evil sprits.  At first I was thinking that they were ancestors trying to communicate and have them do their work for them, which could very well be the case, but I feel that there are evil spirits there.  So we are going to dedicate the house this week to get rid of the problem.  Kind of cool.

We are making banana bread with Rosa’s family this Saturday.  It’s going to be sweet.  Oh and Hermana Rosa made us baleadas.  I don’t know if I have told you about them, but I love them.  Easy to make, and super delicious.  You take a flour tortilla, and put refried beans, mantequilla (in-between sour cream and butter), cheese, fried eggs, and avocado.  Rico.  Me encanta las baleadas.

We are going to make a lot more food on our own.  Elder Sac likes to cook.   He can make easy food that include using bread, tortillas, or anything easy, so we are going to try to do our best.  We really don’t have the equipment to do much but we will do the best we can!

Our goal is 6 baptisms this month.  We are already on track with 5.  We should have one this Saturday.  A guy named Ricardo.  He has been waiting for permission from his mom to be baptized for over a year. He is going to have one of his friends baptize him.  It’s going to be really good.  He is a really solid youth, especially coming from his background.

We are starting a new program to have more success in our Zone.  It is based off of Alma 17:1-3.  The steps are 1. Wake up half an hour earlier and pray for half an hour.  Pray only for our zone, areas, branches, wards, and progressing investigators (by name, the whole zone).  2. Fast every Wednesday starting at lunch, and then end after district/zone meeting on Thursday.  3. Give blessing to our companions. 4. Study everyday.  It is really good.  It requires sacrifice but when we are weak the Lord can support us more.  That was something I learned yesterday fasting.  I already knew that when we are weak physically, our spirits have more power but I really understood this yesterday as I fasted a good full 24 hours.   As a missionary, without food or water – that is hard.  But I truly felt guided, and strengthened. Fasting is spanking cool.

I was riding on the bus today, on my way to the stake center, and I saw a 3 legged dog.  Pretty shnazy.

We did a 2 day division this last week.  My companion was with one of the zls for 2 days and 2 different missionaries came to my area to get to know my investigators.  It was good.

I just got my Christmas package from Grandma and Grandpa McEwan. The reason it took so long was someone ripped it and stole some things.  When it is opened there is a different, longer process to get to me. THANKS GRANDMA AND GRANDPA.  I just sent them a letter today. I’m glad you liked the letters I sent through the mail.  I thought you guys would like something more personal.

I washed my laundry this morning so I just have to eat lunch, go to the distribution center and watch The Other Side of Heaven and then go to work at 6. Good day.  It is nice to relax.  I have walked so much this week. My legs are going to be so stinkin foxy by the time I get back. Watch out Parker.  You’ve got competition.  Oh, and I lost weight again.  I had a bit more fat on my face.  Hermana Rosa was calling me gordito for a little bit.  But she has stopped as I have lost weight.  I’m feeling good.  Good habits.  I’ve decided that if I want to have success in life, I shouldn’t sleep in after my mission. (Don’t worry I get up everyday without fail ON TIME)  It is so much better to get going early in the morning.  All is well here in Zion.  Things are always moving. I like to eat.  I bought a flower tie the other day in the street. I’m wearing it now.  It is super cool.

Love you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  KEEP IT REAL.  Tengan una buena semana familia.  I LUV YOU.


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3 comments on “A New Zone Program

  1. Diana Draper says:

    Elder Jones,

    It was good to get cuaght up with you this morning, life has been a whirlwind here, 11 days and counting till Wade enters the MTC. He is just finishing his Typhoid immunization and beginning to see if everythings going to fit in those suit cases. Many things he will leave behind he will miss but I am sure they will be replaced with memories and expierences that will never get left behind.
    Can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I watched you past my house heading for the MTC.

    I looked for the new pics didn’t seem them yet, was anxious to see what even 10 lbs more looked like on you, I was actually stoked to hear it was 20 but settled for the 10.

    Your days sound full of dedication mixed in with a few thrillers so it is true that in the Honduras “Nunca hay un momento aburrido”. Sister Hodges is my new visiting teacher and she said one of her sons served in the Honduras as well and she could relate to some of things I was sharing with her from your blog.

    Well I just needed to check in with you to let you know you were in my thoughts this morning and I will write you via Dear Elder this week. Until then, Mantener sonriente hace que las personas que se preguntan qué tu pensamiento. LOL

    With Love,
    Sister Draper

  2. Megan McEwan says:

    Elder Jones,

    Reading this letter made me so happy! We LOVE to see your updates, and feel badly we rarely write you. We are going to do better!:) You are amazing! What an incredible experience you are having, and I know that the Lord is blessing your awesome family while you are away serving. Keep the updates coming! Our family loves you so much, and prays for you often!


    Aunt Megan

  3. Diana Draper says:

    Funny thing though if you google Elder Nate Jones you have a twin by name only that served in Lima Pery 10/09 – 10/11. That is where many of the of Wade’s perspective comapanions come from though the majority of them are female, however he did have 5 Elders from Utah that entered the MTC on the same day 2/22 for the Argentina West Mission, 1 from Sandy is his roomate, haven’t heard much about the other 2 yet.

    He like you said the food is pretty good and that Chicken this and Chicken that is right down his alley. We always teased him somegay he would have a feather come out of his nose like his father did many years ago. Really we cannot figure out how it happene but Dan had a large what we though was a pinple on the en of his nose that just kept getting worse. Finally one day he subcomed to the idea of squeezing it and a little white feaher pillow came out, gross yes, but it even worse Wade happened to be there at that moment and it terrified him as a little guy he was. Now you try and top that one it’s a true story!!

    Well we are forecasted to have a winter storm here tonight and it’s turning cold with wind so I promised Grams and Lyns Egg Drand Won Ton soup so I’m off to get that.

    You enjoy that equator climate and I will write soon.

    Mantener esa sonrisa flotando en la luz del sol.

    Sister Draper

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