Ricardo was Baptized

Hi Family,

Ok first off, I’m going to start with what happened this week and then answer your questions.

Funny thing happened this week.  It was night and we were dropping off a youth at her house.  We stopped to chat with the family outside for a bit.  When we were leaving we shook hands and all, and the little brother of the youth was facing a wall.  At first I thought it was kind of weird but I went to go shake his hand anyway.  I ask him what he is doing and as he shakes my hand he says “Orinando” (peeing) and my hand was all wet.  Nasty.  Now that I think of it – not really funny.  Another experience this week, that in reality was funny.  We were at an older lady’s house giving a lesson.  Her name is Hermana Orfelia.  Hilarious.  She spent most of her life drinking and roughing people up as a policewoman, until the elders came and softened her up about 7 years ago.  She is just a funny lady, who loves gossip and treats every missionary as her own child.  Every time a missionary that she is close to leaves the mission, she cries and cries for days.  Anyway, she started telling us that when she was out of town on Saturday (she went to take care of some business of a family member that died in the prison fire) she came back with presents for all the elders.  She continues to expound, as she takes out a bag and pulls out 6 or 7 pairs of “bloomers” (girls underwear) She called them bloomers and tells us that we are to send them to the special people that we love. Ha-ha.  Of all the things she thought of buying for us – a gift for someone else and no less…. underwear.  She then continued to give us all the statistics of these fine undies and how she matched the color for each missionary.  One because he was ugly, she bought him brown, one was young, so he got yellow, another prideful so he got green. etc.  At first we thought it was a huge joke but as she continued to explain to us we realized that she was serious, which made us laugh all the more.  We were laughing, my companion and I for a good 20 minutes strait, trying to keep the baleadas in our stomachs that we just ate.  It is definitely one of the funniest experiences of my mission.

Because of the prison fire we have a new rule: Elders need to be in at 8:00 and sisters in at 6:30.  We also had a huge market burn down.  It is just a market where they vend food, clothes, bags, whatever you want they have it.  It was built about a year ago, and had faulty electrical wiring, which caused the fire.  We went to the top of our area to check it out and see what was going on, and we could see a huge, huge plume of smoke.   It was really quite close.  The market is only a 20 min bus ride from my house.  Sad that so many people lost so much, even their lives in this fire.  It saddens me to see the poverty here.  People dig through the trash just to find old bottles to sell for one meal everyday.  There are many people that go hungry.

I’ve lost a lot of weight again and I’m back down to 155.  I gained 20 lbs. when I first got here; gained my panza (gut, belly) and then lost it when Elder Sac came because we stopped eating at all the houses we visit.  We walk a lot more, and many days I only have time for one meal.  Way too many things to do in the mission

One of our investigators had a dream this week about a pila or baptismal font.  She started to describe it and said it was full of ice, and she wanted to get in, but she couldn’t.  My old companion wouldn’t let her.  Background: her husband died 6 years ago, and came to church for 2 years, but wasn’t baptized.  Ice symbolizes death.  When people die they are generally cold.  We pulled out the book of pictures that we had and showed her the font in the temples to do baptisms for the dead, and she about had a heart attack as she saw the exact font of her dreams.  Booyah.  Thank you husband.  So, we explained about baptism for the dead and that this dream meant that her husband wants her to do his work for him.  But she can’t do it until she is a member.  So we have a fecha for the middle of March to baptize her and her family.  She and her family live in one of the apartments that Rosa and Walter own, behind their house.

It is stinking hot here.  I mean hot, and it’s just starting.  The sun is really strong here.  I’m sweating my guts out.

We had a baptism this last week!  Ricardo who is 15 years old.  He has been waiting for permission from his family for over a year to be baptized and he finally got it.  We just had to review the lessons and have the interview and cheque.  He received the Holy Ghost and the priesthood yesterday in church.  It was pretty cool to see.  He is a sly dog. He has a spankin nice rat-tail.  Reminds me of the good old days. 🙂

We also had a meeting for all the trainers and the new missionaries this last Wednesday.  It was really good.  I learned a lot.

I made it a goal to always pray in Spanish, and as a result when I try to pray in English, I find myself slip into Spanish without knowing.  It is easier to speak Spanish at times.  I have forgotten a lot of things in English.

This week we hope to marry Rosa and Walter but there are still lots of problems with the papers.  I love you all!  My computer just told me that the shut down sequence is in process.  Love you!

Elder Jones

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