Marriage Papers for Rosa!

Hello family,

This week was good.

Ok, here is a spiritual experience we had this week.  We are trying to complete 2 families that live in one house, and activate those who are inactive.  It is kind of hard but things are going well.  The mom is doing really well; has really felt the spirit and is going to town helping out in Relief Society.  The husband smokes, and drinks, and is absolutely hilarious.  His name is Jose Antonio.  He has had these vices for a long time.  He has a lot of experience in the church due to his wife and two of his kids who were baptized a while ago.  Since then they have gone inactive but are really trying hard to improve.  We had a spiritual lesson with Jose and we made a poster with a calendar, a big sign that has a cigarette and alcohol with a big red circle with a line going through it and then an equals sign and a picture of baptism. We gave him a blessing and we stop by his house everyday to see how he is doing.  We then mark accordingly on his calendar. He has a baptismal date for the 24th so that is his goal.  Right now he is down to 1 joint a day, which is really good.  He is dealing with a lot of head pain, but is going forward well.  It has been a beautiful experience to see people so far from the light, and then with a little bit of work see the light in their eyes and the excitement of living for something.

We got the marriage papers for Rosa!  Walter’s papers have expired and we will have to pay again, but it only takes 8 days.  We have the date of the 17th of March.  We are hoping to get them married in the morning and baptized in the afternoon, in a river.  It should be great.  The family is really progressing and I hope they will continue to keep going.  They are really strong and already have a good knowledge of the gospel.

I was walking back from divisions Saturday morning, when a guy starts yelling at me in Spanish.  I understood all of it except the explicative that he was shouting at me.  I could tell he was saying really bad words, because my companion freaked out and said,  “Lets go elder!” (in English, he speaks English to me, I speak Spanish to him).  The guy basically said that he hates all gringos, and our country because it made their country how it is. So I walked away and said, “Have a good day!” which made him even more mad.  He was not happy.

We fasted 2 times this last week, and it was really nice to have a spiritual turbo.  I teach a lot better when I am fasting, definitely due to the weakness of my body, and the strengthening of my spirit.

Ok, news on the rama.  We are going back to the ward – El Sitio.  We split up first due to distance between the two areas, but now we are looking for a house in between our two areas.  If it works out we will be able to have our own house.  We already found a sweet one and hope to move into it this next month.

I still haven’t received my carved scripture cases but hope to get them soon.  I used my Christmas money so I’m still waiting for Christmas to come.  I really hope it comes soon.

We had a Zone Conference this last week.  It was nice to be with all the Elders and Sister in the city.  They talked about following the rules.  It is so important if you want to see miracles.  I’m looking forward to them.

I love you all.  Thank you for all the pictures and videos.  I love that so much.  You have no idea how great it is to see you all.

Mom, will you send me a recipe for pizza dough?  I want to make it with one of our families.  I love you family!



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