Baptisms This Weekend

Hey family,

Don’t worry I’m fine now.  It’s just hard.  I don’t think I could ever explain to you in enough detail for you to understand how life is here. I will do my best to try to do so.

I am working like a dog, and I love it. I was studying language the other day and I just had to take a nap.  There was no other way around it. If I didn’t I would have been a zombie all day.  After my nap I was like a new person.  Amazing what one more hour of sleep will do for a person. Don’t worry about my health mum.  All is well.  The spirit keeps us going.  I read that talk by Elder Eyring about spiritual endurance, and it is defined by continuing to work when everyone else has stopped to take a rest. That is what I do.  I don’t eat dinner, I always get home late, I’m always up on time, I’m out in the sun all day, I have a chronic cold caused by all the dust here, I exercise a ton, I study 4-5 hours everyday, eat a mountain of beans and rice, teach tons of lessons, but I’m happy, and the spirit keeps me going.  I am not eating as well as I probably should, but we just don’t have the money to buy a good balanced meal, and we don’t have a kitchen.

This week is really busy.  We are baptizing a man named Jose Antonio on Friday.  This has been a great experience to see the change in him, and also his family as a result of the gospel, which we share.  We have been working really hard and he, after 40 years of smoking, has completely given it up.  When we started with him he was smoking 5 packs a day, and also drinking on the weekend.  He always looked unhealthy, and always had problems with their family.  We had a lesson with them last night where we just viewed a video of principles and brief videos about different themes of the church (missionary work, family history, humanitarian, history of the church, etc).  During the movie we had a good time talking and answering their questions.  He now looks 15 years younger, has a light in his eyes, feels like he has worth, and is working hard to keep his family going.  It’s amazing what our message can do for people. It has nothing to do with us missionaries, just the message and the sprit that can soften and change any heart.  There are a lot more details; it suffices me to say that all is well in Babylon when the families keep the commandments.  Rosa and Walter Update:  They are getting married this Saturday.  All the plans are set.  I’m praying that all goes well with the papers and the lawyer.  Things are still a bit sketchy, but moving forward.  This family is so great.  We ate lunch with them yesterday after a conference for all of Central America (President Packer spoke, Sister Dibb, Elder Clayton, and one other guy, more details to come).  While we were preparing food, Rosa was telling me how she has responded to criticism and comments made to her.  By her responses she showed such spiritual maturity. This family is gold.  They just understand.  Amanda her daughter is super smart, always funny, and happy.  Angel is just a little kid who can hardly talk due to speech problems, but so stinkin funny. He is my little buddy.

I don’t remember if I told you in my last email, but we baptized a girl named Yadira.  I hope I did.  If not let me know and I will give more details.

I love Jesus the Christ.  I am eating this book up.  It really is so cool to understand things better.  It opens things up and makes me think about things that I would never have thought about.  It is a rough read, but with my markers, a good pen, and time, I will conquer it.  I’m only about 350 pages into the book.  Truly it has helped me understand the customs of the Jews, and the stories in the bible.

We went over to eat with a family we are trying to baptize and we had carne asada, or just grilled meat.  One of the things we ate is called, actually I don’t know what it was. It was just in a sausage like shape. I asked my companion in English so the others wouldn’t understand and I was like “hey dude, what is this?”   He was like “Don’t worry, Ill tell you after.”  So I ate it and after learned that it was pig intestine, mixed with all of the extra spare parts of the meat that we usually don’t eat.  I’m talking organs, nose, ear, everything all mixed into one little pink sausage.  Nasty.

We are teaching a lady named Rosario.  She is really great.  Her heart was hard, but we talked about the Book of Mormon with her and had her ask questions.  I researched references of the Book of Mormon in the bible, we compared vague sentences in the bible, to rich doctrine that explains these things in detail, and gave the basic dates on the book.  We challenged her to read it.  When we came back, she hadn’t read yet, but she had changed.  She asked about church, said that she missed us not coming sooner, had questions, and was a lot more open to what we had to say.  I know this book will change her life.  She just has to start reading.  It is such a powerful book.  When I don’t know how to help people, I just tell them to read the Book of Mormon. If they have problems with the desire to sin, read the Book of Mormon, and it will change your heart so that you hate even the very appearance of sin.  I hope you all are still reading the book of Mormon personally. It really is such an amazing book.

I had a dream that I was in the airport coming, home.  You were all there greeting me, we were all crying happy. I felt good about my mission.  We went home and I was just enjoying with you all at home; eating, playing games, telling you about stories.  I went to sleep in my bed (that wasn’t infested with bugs), took a shower, went to the temple, and then I woke up.  Joy.  It was a really, real dream and all the things that happened aren’t weird like my usual dreams. Just normal.  17 more months.  Not that I’m counting down or anything. 😀

Thank you for sending me emails.  Just write. Nothing is mundane. Anything from home makes me happy.  I just cling to home.

Thank you for your love and support.  I miss you all so much. Keep it reel – Go fishing.

Elder Jones

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