Walter and Rosa are Married!

Hello my family,

Well this week we finally finished our 5-month quest of marrying Rosa and Walter.  Man it was a task, but a great testimony builder in that our Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  We have been fasting and praying that everything would work out and now we see the fruits of our work. But they are still not baptized.  Due to General Conference this week, we can’t baptize them this Saturday and will have to wait till the next one.  Thursday I did divisions in another area, and my DL went with my companion in my area (we do divisions about once a week, it is really nice at times to get out of my area).  Thursday night we got a call from my companion in my area. He told me that they went to visit Rosa, and she called the lawyer that we used to marry them, and she just started yelling and shouting because the lawyer said that we were all set to marry them.  The next day we had to find the witnesses and get their identity cards.  Then we found out that we had to go downtown and pay for a paper, and then deliver all the documents to the lawyer on the other side of Tegucigalpa within an hour and a half. Pretty crazy but things just worked out so well. We had problems along the way but they were all solved really fast.  It seemed like a coincidence how everything came together but we definitely saw the hand of the Lord guiding how things happened. We then went and gave all the papers to the lawyer, talked over what exactly was going to happen and then returned home.  Then that night (Friday) they got married.  They did it really simple; Walter dressed in a white shirt and a tie, Rosa in a skirt and a jacket and it happened in their home.  We had a family meal from a fast food place and bought tacos.  It was really nice.  Plain and simple, but it turned out so beautifully and now in 2 weeks they are headed for the waters of baptism.

We also had a big baptism in the Stake Center.  We baptized Jose Antonio Saturday.  It was nice, but nobody came from the branch.  The Stake President talked and gave a good talk.  I also baptized a guy that some sister missionaries were working with.  The ZL´s from their zone didn’t bring clothes to baptize him, so I baptized 2 people.  It was really nice.  Not a lot more as far as details; just a message, baptism, and food.

It was a long week, and I’m glad to be starting a new one.  We tried to make pizza with a member, but all we got was a piece of fermenting, oily paste.  I don’t know why it didn’t rise. It was kind of sad.  Could you tell me what went wrong?  Is there a specific order in how we should add the ingredients or a specific kind of flour to use?

I love the area I am in but I’m glad to be going in 3 weeks.  It is just enough time to baptize Rosa and Walter, and maybe one more.  I will have 8-9 baptisms in this area once I leave.  Pretty good.  I’m happy with the work and have been learning lots everyday.  I love to study and have really been putting in the time to study really hard.  I have learned a lot about the gospel and how to study.  It is definitely going to help me at BYU when I get back.  I really enjoy this work; it is just hard when people don’t want to listen.  Most people here think that whatever church you are in, will lead you back to God.  We try to explain how Christ established his church, but most of the time they won’t even let us in their house.  The area of the Estados Unidos, the bottom part of my area, has been monopolized by a church called the Cordero. It is more of a business and a weekly concert than a church.   Lots of people recognize that we have the truth, but do to fear of what they will learn from us, and their unwillingness to act, they don’t want to talk to us.  We are really respected but at times it is difficult.  It will be nice to have a fresh area.  The way things are looking and what I have heard, I will be DL this next change.  It will be a nice challenge. If not, it will be a nice time to continue to relax and work hard in my area.

We paid a lot of money for the wedding and I have about 3 dollars (60 limps) for this week. Ha.  I will just go house to house this week, begging food from the members.  We used to get a lot more money here but due to the missionaries using it wrongfully, they reduced the given amount to the lowest amount we can live on.  It is a real bummer. I just hope things change and they will give us more money in the future.  I don’t want to take out of my account; I will just learn how to budget like a badger.

I am still sick but getting better.  I’m sure I have a parasite but I just have gotten used to it.  There are a lot of sketchy things in the food and drinks here.  I will just take the BOMB when I get home to clear out my system.  As of right now I am not using medication, just essential oils.

I will be completing 7 months in the mission this next week.  I am so excited for General Conference this week.  We will have a gringo room (high council room) to watch it in English.  It will be a nice break to sit back, relax, and feast upon the words of Gods servants.

I love you all so much!  Have a great week!

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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