Satan is Real

Hello my family,

Well, this week was good but at the same time a bit of a downer.  Here in Honduras for Easter, they celebrate Semana Santa, or holy week.  It is basically a week when everything shuts down, the stores, government, churches, everything.  It is a week to go on vacation and visit family, watch bible movies on TV, and drink.  On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, hardly anyone was home.

The baptism didn’t happen this last week.  It was really sad.  Rosa’s sister has cancer and is looking really bad.  With the stress of that, work, Rosa got really sick.  The whole back of her throat is covered in white bacteria.  To make things worse, we showed up last night to see how their weekend went and to teach a lesson, and we pass by the garage.  Walter was there working on the bus, and quickly told us to go knock on the house door.  It was kind of weird but we go and knock, and Rosa answers, and tells us to go talk to Walter.  We didn’t know why so we just go and start talking to him in the garage.  He was there fixing stuff in his busses, and he seemed a little weird.  We started talking and he just listened.  When we asked about the baptism this next Saturday, he got nervous and tried to change the subject.   Rosa gave us drinks out in the garage, and Walter was really quiet.   We found out that he went off with an old friend, that started him drinking 5 years ago.  He hasn’t drunk in 4 years, and yesterday of all days, this man comes, and tempts him.  Satan is real.  He knows what he is doing.  Although I will not be here to see him baptized, I will baptize Rosa and Amanda this Saturday.  It is so sad.  We have taught him so well, but he still has to be converted.  I will not baptize him until he understands the seriousness of this covenant.  Sad, sad news, but we go forward.  We were talking with Rosa, and she told us she could take all the problems she has as a bad sign, and that she should leave the church, but she understands that it is from Satan.  She hopes that once she is baptized things will chill out a bit.  That made me happy.  She really understands the gospel.  It makes me so happy to have someone understand the deeper things.  Not just the fluffy stuff on the outside that everybody knows.

I went to go visit an old widow lady to see how she was doing and when we walked in the radio was on and playing the 80’s version of “Puttin on the Ritz.”  It made me so happy and reminded me of good ol days.

This week was a long and good one.  We had interviews with the Mission President this last Saturday.  Nothing new.  He just told me that I would probably go south, to Choluteca.  That just means 110 – 120-degree weather, tarantulas, poor, poor people, and getting sick. Joy.  No but I am really excited.  It will be really nice for a change.  Ill have a good baptism, and then I’m gone.

This last week I did divisions with my DL and we went to his area. When we went out, it started to rain.  We are missionaries so we just kept on knocking doors.  I was absolutely soaked.  My bag turned my shirt and garments red.  It was really nice.  I tried to wash it but it wouldn’t come out.  My new garments too – the big grandpa round necks – so nice.  They don’t have the one piecers here, with the nice flap in back for your keister.  But divisions were really good.  We found some less active members just knocking doors, and gave a lot of good lessons.

I love you.  Not much time to write today!  Love you!!!!!!!!

ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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