Rosa and Amanda are Baptized


Today was a great day.  We went to Valle de Angeles today, like I did back in November.  We went to the waterfall and also went to go shop at the stores.  It is an area out of the city about 25 minutes by bus and is really quiet peaceful.  I didn’t fear that people would rob me and I could take a lot of pictures.  I bought a machete with a nice leather case, another pipe to add to my collection (it has a cobra on it – really quite fly), wooden rings with designs on them, and some cool bracelets. Overall it was a good day.  We ate some good baleadas and orange juice, went to the waterfall, enjoyed wearing normal clothes, bought lots of cool things,  and saw real live gringos.

Saturday mornings we go and help a guy down in his house.  This past Saturday we dug a big, big hole and chucked up a huge pile of dirt.  We are basically helping him make another house.  I dug a huge hole, like 6 ft deep, 4 ft wide, and 8 ft long.  I did it really quite fast.  JYIRO is his name (Hyro) and he always calls me his muchachito, or little boy. Hah  It was hard because I had to chuck the dirt into a huge pile 15 ft away, but due to my diggin skillz, I did it really well.  It reminded me of working for dad during the summer, digging ditches, or working in his houses all day.  It made me feel like I was home.  Jyiro’s mom lives close and made us breakfast of beans, fried platano, tortillas, orange juice, and eggs.  Pretty good – normal plate here.  The guy is really kind, not Mormon, but really kind and we will work with him more.  He is a bus driver for the church that really causes us problems, but he is really a solid guy.  The next day when I woke up I felt like someone beat me with a stick all night.  I love that.

We finally got Rosa and Amanda baptized on Sunday.  It was a wonderful, wonderful day.  It was 6 months in the making, with so many problems and so many trials.   Rosa was crying a lot that day; during church, before church and after at the baptism.  She is really sad that Walter wasn’t baptized with them as a family.  BUT things go on.  They are starting to receive blessings and with time and work, Walter will be baptized too.  I baptized Rosa and Sac baptized Amanda. We made a nice program, gave talks, sang hymns, watched a short video, they gave their testimonies, and we prayed.  It was a really good baptism.  It will be so sad to say goodbye, and go to a new area.  I am ready for a new adventure but I will miss the people.  I am going to give a tie and a plack to Rosa, and we are going to go there tomorrow with a cake to eat together.  It will be nice.

Changes are this Wednesday.  About 9ish at night tomorrow I will receive a call from my DL as to where I will go and who is my companion. Pretty cool.  I’m a little nervous that I will get a comp that doesn’t want to work.  If that happens, its a lot more work for me, and my companion will not be happy with me because I will just work him harder.  No meals, no naps, 15 lessons everyday, 30 abrir la boca, and we will fast twice a week, until we get into shape.  Ha jk.  But that really is a fear.  I struck gold with Elder Sac because he loves to work hard.  I hope my luck continues.

“His grace is sufficient” by Brad Wilcox is awesome.  Of all the talks I have read in the mission, this one really struck home.  Really helped me feel good with the best I can do, when at times I feel like I am always failing.  It really brought to light different parts of the atonement that I haven’t understood before.  If you could print it off for me and send it to me, that would be great!

Yes I get the Ensign.  I read them a lot.  It is really useful to help me learn words in Spanish.  The temple dedication will take place in between September and November

I went to weigh myself and I’m back to the normal 151.  When Elder Sac came 3 months ago I was 171.  Crazy what the heat and stress does to you.  It will be worse in Choloteca.  I’m hoping that I don’t go, but I will need to go at some point.  Elder Sac is doing well and is ready to man the area.  We have some good families, and individuals that we are working with, and should have 8 baptisms in the next 2 months.  Really solid.  It is kind of sad that I have to go, but I’m ready for a change.

Well that is all.  Ill talk to you next week to let you know where I am. Also in a month is Mothers Day. Talkintayallondafone.

Love You,

Elder Jones

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