My New Area – Mira Flores

Hello Family,

Ok, so I’m sure you are all interested to know where the Lord wanted me to go.  Well, I got the call Tuesday night and found out that I was going to stay in the city, and that my new area (Mira Flores) is one of the richest areas in the mission.  I’m talking rich.  I walk into houses and I feel like I’m back in the United States.   Most of the people can speak English, being that they have the money to put their kids in private schools where they learn 2 – 4 different languages, other than Spanish.  Pretty sweet.  We have been fed a lot.  The people are very generous and are always willing to help out.  This will be the most comfortable area of my mission.  Kind of cool.  It took me a bit to get used to all of the nice stuff.  Nice cars, houses, furniture, and food other than beans.  I kind of feel bad seeing the difference between the lives of the people here and those in my past area.  People digging through trash to make enough money to eat everyday vs. people who have too much money, so much that they don’t know what to do with it at times.  There is a very big inequality.  BUT this ward is la ondas.  It really functions well.  It will feel like home.  There are still things to learn but overall they are one of the strongest wards in Honduras.  They have a beautiful new building, and a huge gate that opens up with a garage door clicker.  Even though this area is rich, people still are assaulted.  They have lots of guards – still kind of sketchy.

We were visiting a member who doesn’t live in as nice of a house, but still very nice, and we heard something outside the window.  The guy went to look out and there was just a random guy there.  He asked him what he wanted and the guy outside asked him for some water.  The member said sorry, I am talking with friends right now and I cant.  He went away.  It turned out to be a robber, or a gang member, who happened to get past the guards, and was trying to rob or break into houses.  Over all things are great.  I’m going to enjoy this area.  It may be a little more difficult though, because the people’s needs are taken care of and may not feel like they need God as much.

They call this area La Area de Las Timbres or the area of the doorbells, because we spend all day contacting with doorbells.  Yeah, sounds normal to you guys in the states but here normally you just shout, “BUENAS PERMISO” and just walk onto their property and into their house.  But here it’s all doorbells.  Most Elders don’t have a lot of baptisms here.

My new companion is Elder Aguilar.  He has had 20 investigators in the past 6 months.  That is not great but it is the reality here in this area.  The members are wonderful with everything, but we are hoping to get more references from them.  This is Elder Aguilar’s last change in the mission, and I’m going to kill another missionary (be his last companion in the mission).  My house is all right, not really a huge upgrade but it’s all right.  I will probably look for a better house to live in, and try to set it up real nice for the missionaries that follow.

This week I was the closest to lightning that I have ever been.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life.  This last Saturday we went to go eat with a member, and just 2 minutes after we walked in from the rain, we hear a simultaneous thunder with the lightning about 15 feet away from us, outside the house in the street.  I felt the hair on my arms stand up, and felt electricity go through my body as the electricity pulsed through the ground and into the surrounding houses.  Scared the wookie out of me.

It was really sad to leave my old area but it was time.  Elder Sac is training, (I’m a grandfather, I was Sacs pop, and now he has a child, thus I am a grandpa) a gringo from the states. I can’t remember his name, but he is a cool guy. It was sad to say goodbye to Rosa and Amanda, but it was time to get going.  They gave me a giant semita as you can see in the picture.  And I have been living off that for breakfast for the past couple of days.

We gave service this last Saturday in a warehouse in my old zone.  The AP’s and president of the mission drove us there and we loaded equipment.  It was for a charity group that does dental work for missionaries, sets up medical centers, and does sub for Santa.  We saw a slide show of all the work they have done and I saw several photos of Brother Prince working there as a dentist doing dental work in various places in Central America.  Kind of cool to see all the work they have done.  It’s pretty low key, on the DL kind of thing.  They don’t want publicity; they just want to do what’s right for the sake of serving others.  Pretty cool. Talk about humility.  So we just loaded equipment so they could take it all to Guatemala to do the dental work and medical stuff for Elders waiting to go on their mission.

I’m going to hit my 8-month mark here in a week.  Pretty cool.  The mission is flying by.  It is really, really hard.  Satan doesn’t stop working.  If anything I have come to realize how real he is.  Looking at the people, how they live, the things they do and say, the temptations that are always pressing, the evil spirits that posses the bodies of men.  It is sobering.  He has power but, the neat thing is that we know he will lose.  We just have to be on the right team, and stay on the right team.  We as humans, with mortal bodies, and divine attributes (no matter how undeveloped they are), ultimately have so much more power than him.  We just have to be awakened to the realities of life.  He is so good at blinding people, drawing us in as members into a false sense of security.  It is a constant battle to stay spiritually awakened but it adds so much clarity and joy to life, as the spirit is allowed to flow into our lives by our holy actions.  I am so far from achieving this, but in my studies, and experiences here, I know that God has something grand planed for us, grander than we can process as men of natural mentality.  Through our studies of God, and giving Him the only thing he wants, our will, we can align ourselves with Him, and become a holy people.  Not just members, but true disciples, who as priesthood holders, not only have the authority, but the power, that comes through righteous living.  It is a struggle, and Satan doesn’t want us to achieve this.  It is so hard helping people see, but so beautiful when we can stand behind them, directing them to God, until they really see and come to the true and lasting happiness of the Gospel.  This is a marvelous work.  At times it is so hard but through this, Gods chosen are found. This is always on my mind and beautiful to understand a little bit of what God wants with each of us.

Well I love you all!  I must be going.  Keep it real.




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