“If ye have not the spirit, ye shall not teach.”

Hi Fam,

I’m going to start off answering your questions.  My apartment isn’t really all that great.  It is just one room with a bathroom and no kitchen, just a one unit plug in stove.  I have the blessing of 3 mattresses.  The one that is on top is really soft and I sink into it so it is really comfy.  I still don’t have a pillow, so I just use a pair of jeans and 4 stacked t-shirts to elevate and lay my head upon.  My goal is to not buy a pillow my whole mission.  Not many missionaries can say they lived 2 years without a pillow.  We have a shower, but it is really cold.  I’m going to buy a new showerhead so maybe we can get some hot water.

My companion is Elder Aguilar.  He is really cool and is from El Salvador.  I will end up killing him this change (he goes home this change).  He isn’t that baggy yet and we are working hard.  We don’t teach as much and our stats are really sad due to the difficulty of our area.  The people just don’t let us in their houses, or they don’t want to listen to us, they hide from us or say mean things that I wont repeat (mainly due to the fact that I don’t know Spanish vulgarities I don’t repeat them.  But due to the tone of voice, and crinkalage of their face, I can tell that they aren’t talking about pretty things).  We don’t have a cook because we have appointments with lots of the members.  We have lots of lunches and dinners with the members, and when we don’t have anything we go out to eat baliadas, or Chinese food (I found out that they put dog in the Chinese food here in the local restaurant – delicious.)

I am not sure yet about the details of Mothers Day.  I may call on the Thursday before Mother’s Day because that is when they celebrate in Honduras.   You can choose what is best for you.  Let me know.  I’ll scout out more details and see if I can Skype.  I’m sure plenty of the members would help us.  Ok, that should be all the answers to your questions.

So we gave service the other day to an elderly convert in the ward.  Part of his house is falling down, and since his wife died he hasn’t had much excitement to clean up.  The whole front side of his house is covered in tons of dead leaves, old trees that needed pruning, and trash.  So we cleaned it up and we are going back tomorrow with some of the priesthood brethren of our beloved ward to do more.  The cool thing is that I got to use my machete.  It was so fly.  Chopping off branches, huge trees with basically a sword – the fulfillment of my childhood dreams.  I even added in some Zelda sound effects while chopping.  “Hiyyaa!”  But it is really sad to see this man.  He is old, has no one to take care of him and until now he hasn’t let anyone past his front gate to help him.  But now that we are in we are going to help him more and find him some friends.

I found some frijoles (beans) in my toothbrush this morning.  It reminded me of the fact that I used to hate beans.  Well I have now conquered that, and now can officially say that beans are scrumdidlyumpshush. O_O

I got a little baggy this week.  Due to many aspects of my area, at times I feel the weight of baggyness. The nice couches, kind old grandmas, people that speak English to me, a member who makes us a delicious lunch every Tuesday (that is equal to a deluxe grandma Thanksgiving dinner), and to top it all off music.  I have been really good about forgetting my love of music and just sticking to the motab and classical stuff, and LOTR of course.  But I thought I heard part of an Eskmo (I Dream I’m flying) song the other day, and that just topped it off.  The song was going through my brain all day long.  But I quickly overcame my bagginess, and now feel much better.

Despite the difficulties of this area, we had a really neat experience yesterday and should have a baptism in 3 weeks.  One of the members in the ward has a niece that comes every weekend to stay with her and she generally comes to church.  But up to this point we hadn’t noticed her and when we saw her yesterday we said to ourselves “Lets go teach her.”  So we went and showed up at the house of her Tia.  We sang a hymn, said a prayer and started as prescribed by Preach my Gospel, following the principals of “How to begin teaching”.  We use this to establish expectations, get to know the needs, religious background, and basically gain confidence in the person we are teaching.  We didn’t really start to teach any principles or anything, but she started looking a bit emotional.  We had the luck to have her aunt there too and I asked her to share her conversion experience.  By the time she finished her niece was sobbing.  She tried to talk but only got out that she was very grateful for us, and nothing more due to her tears. We promptly realized that this was the time to challenge her to be baptized and the spirit allowed us to go forward and set a date in 3 weeks.  BOOYA.  She doesn’t know too much yet but she will progress quickly.  The spirit was so strong.  People always say that when they meet with the missionaries that they don’t remember the words said, but they will forever remember the feelings that they felt.  That is why the Lord said in Doctrine and Covenants.  “If you have not the spirit, ye shall not teach.”  And if we are not prepared as missionaries, we can’t have the spirit.  It is so important to be ready, worthy, and willing to do what the Lord prompts us to do in this work.  I feel very unprepared at times but I know that I have the help of the most powerful being in the universe, if I but humble myself and do this work His way.

Love ya’ll.  Keeshesh n huggs.

ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)


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