Bowling for P-day

OK.  This week was really a drag.  We haven’t found many who are interested in listening to our message.  We can knock doors for 3 hours and not enter a single house.  It doesn’t help that we planned our abrir la boca time during a Barcelona game, but even then people aren’t interested.  Just like everywhere, the highly educated and rich rely on their own thoughts and beliefs instead of relying on faith.  They base everything off science or philosophy and deny the existence of God.  Which is amazing due to the evidences that they are able to enjoy everyday; the earth, moon, sun, plants, the exact degree of the rotation of the planet.  People say that without God, we are free.  There are no rules, nothing to report, no guilt, and no pain.  But in a real sense it isn’t freedom.  Without God, what is the point of existence?  What is the point of living? What gets them out of bed in the morning?  If there is no sin, no guilt, no hard times, then there is no true joy.  There is no meaning to life.  And a lot of times they say “Hey you should just stop trying to perpetuate a belief in God through your teachings.”  Yet they are actively trying to perpetuate that there isn’t a God when there is so much evidence that points towards God.  So sad to see people struggle without the guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In Him we find light, truth, joy, and glory.  We find the reason to live, the reason to work, and the reason to act.  In the strict commandments of God, that atheist call bondage, we find real freedom.  I wish people could see this.  Satan is good at what he does, and for this we struggle in this area.  In my old area 50 lessons a week was a good week.  Here 15 lessons a week is a good week.  Completely opposite, but in thinking, the more work that I have to do here will lead to greater joy and satisfaction.  It will be hard, but I just have to pray that the Lord will prepare those who are ready, and guide us to them.  The ward is one of the best here.  It is the best environment to enter the church.  We just need to soften the hearts of the people. I feel like Nephi or Alma talking about the hardness of the hearts, but now I truly understand it.

We went bowling today.  Because of this I am writing a bit later.  We played for 2 hours.  It was really good to relax, laugh, goof off a bit, and enjoy chillin.  Not to the point that we lose the spirit, but we had a good time.  I didn’t do all that well.  I got 103, and 113.  Not too great but I almost got a turkey.  Overall, it was a good P-day.

Don’t worry about sending me hair stuff.  I found some here.  Something I would like is the little wallet size school picture of da boiz.

Yesterday we had some time to study, and my brain was on overload from Jesus the Christ (I’m almost finished) so I pulled out a Liahona in English.  It was the one from this past month.  I read several articles, but the one that really caught my attention was the one from Elder Bednar about the Atonement.  I always have a thirst to understand and deepen my comprehension of this almost incomprehensible subject, so I read this and found a really great message.  It was a really good article.  You should read it if you haven’t already. “But don’t take my word for it.” -What TV show?

Ok, answers to your questions:

I am not drinking coke.  I do occasionally, but the members here treat coke as breaking the word of wisdom, and to see an elder drink coke would devastate the worlds of the members because there is such a problem.  Insight about coke and Honduras:  When people are starving and only have enough money to buy a bit of food, they buy a big 3 liter of coke, and then use what is left to buy the food.  It is very addictive here.  I’ll drink it every once in a while, but I’m just going to use essential oils to keep the parasites out.  Yeah I will have to call on Mother’s Day after 4:00, because our church starts at 9 and goes to 12.

Ok, so I’ll talk to yall soon enough, so enough said for today.  Love you!  Have a spankin good week!


Elder Jones


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