Piano Students and Pictures

Hello family,

This week was a bit rough to say the least.  I’m a bit discouraged with the work here.  Our stats were the worst I have had in all my time in the mission.  We knock so many doors, and nobody wants to talk with us.  I’m not discouraged because they are rude to us – I can take that.  I’m just so tired of people rejecting us because we want to help.  They are in a very bad state, completely in darkness, not going anywhere, yet they don’t allow us to help. We have what they need.  It doesn’t help that Satan is always there trying to make things harder.  We will figure things out.  I just hope this is a better week.

Things are getting a lot more dangerous here due to the approximation of the temple dedication.  Here in the rich area it wasn’t too bad before, but now people come here, dressed up really nice so no one suspects anything, and then pulls out their gun on you while you are sipping lemonade on your porch at 9:00 in the morning.  That happened to one of the recent converts that we visit.  A lot of people confuse these robbers for us, because we dress nice, walk around all day, and look official.  We walk down the street and people cross all the way on the other side to avoid us at times.  It is really hindering the work when we knock doors too.  They just don’t have the confidence to let us in.  Thieves showed up to a house saying they were police, ravage the house, and took off.  It just seems crazy here at times.  All the communities are putting gates on the streets so you have to talk to the guard before entering.  There are some parts of our area where we can’t go because of that.

We had conference this last Tuesday with Elder Fallabela.  It was really good.  He just took 13 questions and then answered each one.  I can’t really give a summary but it was great.

We fast every Wednesday, and finish after the District Meeting Thursday.  We usually have something to eat right after, so we made rolls, and banana shakes.  Then we went and ate a huge lunch with the lady that feeds us each week.  I have never felt so full in my life.  I was sweating profusely while I was trying to finish my bowl of watermelon.  It was really bad, and then we had to walk home 40 minutes with this huge stomach tying not to get sick on the side of the road.  Beautiful experience.

I don’t know if I told you, but I teach music lessons in the ward every Wednesday night.  I am teaching with Elder Clay, another gringo.  He just had mini changes, so I have to teach alone this week, and will play the piano on Sunday. The lessons are fun, and we hope a new way to get investigators.  I’ll send pictures of my students next week.

Well I don’t have much more to say – kind of a bummer week.  I’ll send some pictures.  Love you!


A nice bug in my apartment. I burned it after I took the picture.

Me and my buddy Elder Barrera.

Conference – getting ready to each lunch

Looking out the window


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