Spankin Good Sunday

Hello family,

Ok…this was another hard week but I’ve hit a new level of understanding, which will help me enjoy this area.  We are starting two new programs in the ward to help unify the ward and get us new investigators.  One is a thing called noche de hermanamiento, or an FHE night with the neighbors.  We have divided the ward in 8 sectors, 5 families in each sector and one supervisor to plan each week.  I announced it yesterday to the High Councilmen of the ward.  They were pretty excited.  It should really help us.  Another thing that we are going to do is make a missionary zone in the ward.  We have over 30 returned missionaries here in the ward and if we use them, we could get a lot of work done.  We are going to make a mini mission in the ward with zone leaders, district leaders and monthly mtgs.  It should be really sly.

Yesterday I accompanied all the hymns in church, AND gave a spankin good talk.  Not to mention in Spanish, only using points.  Yep, didn’t even write it out.  I don’t remember what I said, I just know that people liked it and people said I speak really well for only having 9 months.  That made me joyful.  Even though I still struggle with some words and phrases, they said that my accent is really good, and I speak fast for a gringo.  I wrote about the WHY of missionary work. I could quote the normal missionary scriptures and explain them, but I decided I need people to wake up to the reality of this work, and its importance.  We do too many things in the church without knowing why. Many times just to be obedient, but when we know the why, our simple acts become simple acts of immense power.  It adds a new holiness to our action, and a revitalized perspective of life, and what is important. So to get people excited for la obra misional, I explained the urgency of this work.  The purpose of this work is to teach people how they can be happy and obtain their salvation.  So I took the word salvation and the verb to save.  Generally it implies something important, urgent, and someone else has to do the saving.  I made the 3 questions.  Who saves us?  From what do they save us? And how do they save us?  The answer to the first is obviously Jesucristo.  2 Nefi 2:8-10ish.  To answer the second question we have to understand the story of Adam y Eve.  When they partook of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they gave us the gift of existence, but also subjected us to 2 types of death – physical and spiritual.  Death of the body never to rise again from the dust and sin that separates us from the presence of God.  The way to overcome these things and how Christ saves us is through his Atonement.  We can use his atonement and apply it to our lives through using his doctrine.  We all will be resurrected and can all overcome spiritual death.   The doctrine of Christ or los cinco pasos helps us overcome spiritual death.  Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Spirit and Endure to the End = Eternal life or overcoming sin.  I related this to my experience as a CNA in the hospital.  Sin is the only thing that keeps us from returning to our father in heaven.  It is like a spiritual cancer, many don’t detect it until it is too late, and many don’t know the cure.  We as latter day saints have the cure to sin.  Through the authority that we posses we can be redeemed of our sins through our baptismal covenant and la santa cena.  Think of all the people who die of real cancer, waiting for the cure.  Think of all the people who die spiritually knowing not where to find the cure (dyc 123).  We have the responsibility and obligation to administer this cure unto the world. This is a work of salvation.  We are doctors and nurses of the spirit, and we have to help people overcome their sin before it is too late.  This is just a brief overview of what I talked about.

So we have one piano and two electric pianos in the church and we bought the simplified hymnbook.  We hand out copies to the peeps who come and we teach them notes (the tone), and rhythm.  Now we are practicing I am a Child of God.  So far it is really good.  We are hoping this is another form to help get investigators.  We have been telling lots of people about it.

Last night we were walking back from an appointment.  We turned onto our street and a house was blasting Bonafide Lovin by Chromeo.  It took some serious self-control to not bust out dancing right there in the street.   I flashed back to when I went to their concert almost 2 years ago.  Good times, good times.

Saturday we were invited by a youth in the ward to go and present la iglesia mormona to the boy scouts.  We didn’t know where it was so we took a bus to where we thought it was and ended up close to the airport.  It wasn’t there so we had to walk all the way back, call him from his parent’s house, and then went to where the boy scouts center is.  It was a really cool place.  It took me back to when we went camping on the weeklong camps.  It is a big area with trees, lots of signs with scout sayings and tons of kids doing different activities, and talking.  We were teaching a group of older scouts 17 – 18 years old, both boys and girls.  We were there with 2 catholic men and a Jewish man.  It was really cool. When we arrived the catholic guy was talking, and when he finished he said, “and now we are going to hear the doctrine of John Smith.”  ja un gran papo.  Kind of dumb, but we did a good job.  We couldn’t talk too much about the apostasy due to the Catholic Church being there, and the purpose of the meeting was about religious tolerance.  Overall it was a really good experience.  We talked to the manager of all the scouts’ there in Honduras.  He is an inactive member and really nice and he gave us a ride back to the plaza.  In that one lesson we taught 15 people along with member. Cheque

All is good here.  Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love you fam.  Have a great Memorial Day.  Keep it reel.  Keep it bonafide.

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)


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