Bowling is Boss!


This was a great week.  We worked hard and are starting to progress in this area.  My companion Elder Aguilar left the mission this last week, finishing his 2 years and 4 days in the mission.  It was good.  He was baggy.  Now I am with Elder Sotelo from Nicaragua.  He is really good.  The night before changes when we found out our new comps, everyone was calling me saying, “I’m sorry man, but your new comp is horrible.”  That really discouraged me with a hard area and hard comp, but when I met my comp and got working I realized it was going to work out really well.  He knows a lot and is really serious about the mission.  He has a good sense of humor that gets on the nerves of people at times.  Kind of funny from my point of view.  He is very, very bold but we work really well together.  He is prideful, for the knowledge he has, and he thinks he is the boss, but I’ve heard he has gotten a lot better.  He has a great work ethic and a good handle on the scriptures.  We teach in a very similar manner, direct and simple, so we teach very well together.  We are going to change this area in the next couple of months.

We have a baptism this week, a lady named Nicolasa.  She is from the island of Roatan.  She doesn’t speak Spanish very well.  She lives on the part of the island where they don’t use electricity.  She basically lives very simply on the beach.  It is hard to teach her and she is old, but she needs to be baptized before she returns.  She won’t be able to continue going, but she needs this ordinance, and we cleared it with the bishop and the stake president.  She is really nice, and kind, and old.  Her son is married to one of the members in the ward, and she is here visiting them.  We are also hoping to baptize another family this month.

I was made District Leader this last change. It will be nice to have more responsibilities.  Basically I just collect stats every night, help the elders with what they need, do divisions with them, and teach an hour class every week on Thursday.  I’m going to enjoy it a lot.

We went and ate with the stake president last night, and talked about the plan in the stake to change the effectiveness of the work here.  He is a machine of a president. He came this last week, and basically took an hour and a half in district meeting to teach us about Kolob.  It was really, really interesting.   A good mystery to know more about.  We went through 25 or more scriptures together, while he drew everything together on the white board and explained it.  It was really neat.  His point was that we need to be worthy to know the mysteries of God. Although they aren’t important in the mission, worthiness is, and it makes all the difference.  He talked a lot about how we can improve as missionaries, and also as a stake.  Over all it was really good.  We had some good dinner, and then asked for references and asked him to come with us to visit less active families in the area.

Last night we almost were robbed.  Kind of a close one.  We were walking to go talk to a member, to get some help to get to know her area and the houses close to her.  We came to a shadowy corner where they were building a house, and we both felt a bad feeling.  We looked at each other at the same time and two men emerged from the house.  I just prayed and sped up walking.  Everything was good, but they were getting ready to do something.  We definitely have the protection from above helping us.  I’d imagine that the guys just rob people and then go back into the house to wait for someone else.  Anyway all is well.

We did a shindig for the primary this last Saturday, with a presentation to the kiddies about missionary work.  They invited kids not of our faith and we talked about the articles of faith, what we do as missionaries, etc.  It turned out really well.  We got 4 good references.

I went to the office today and got some Zelda music.  Really pumped. It’s going to make a big difference in my work ethic 🙂

We also went bowling again today and I was going to get a spankin good score but the time ran out.  It was our 2nd game and I had 4 spares and 2 strikes, and still had 3 turns left.  It was certain that I was going to get a turkey my last turn, and another couple of spares. My guess is that I would have ended up with 172.  I was workin on my technique really well.  Extending ankle for balance, full rotation of arm for accuracy, laying it down like a baby (no sound of the ball dropping), and kneeling at the end for luck.  It served really well.

Well not much more to say, everything is great here.  Nos vemos.


Elder Jones

Elders from Mira Flores. I am the only one from this group still in Mira Flores.

Game face. Dis game is serius, nobudy be foolin round.

Maderos de la pandilla. gengstrz


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