Email on Wednesday

OK. So I’m sure you are a bit stressed out that I didn’t email Monday. Sorry about that.  We gave up our P-day in order to help the bishop out.  My companion is a mechanic and the bishop has problems with one of his cars, so from 7 in the morning until 5:30 at night we were working on the car.  I don’t know anything about cars, but I was able to help out a lot.  I got my hands really dirty washing the different parts with gasoline but it was a good day.  5-year-old Hemena, the bishop’s daughter, kept us good company during the day.  She is a little cutie.  I always am teasing her. She has the cutest little voice too.  Ha. We got grease on her arm and she got mad with us.

We also had a baptism this last week, of Hermana Nicolasa.  It turned out really great.  She had her son do the baptism and the confirmation, which was really neat to see, being that he only has little over a year in the church.  Many came and supported the baptism and the other Elders of Mira Flores activated a menos active mom, and baptized her 11 yr old son.  It was overall a great baptism.

We worked hard this last week, and pulled up the stats really well.  We have some good investigators, and we should have another 2 baptisms on the 23rd of this month.

We have lots of power outages, almost 3 to 4 times a week. I don’t know why.  It rained a lot 2 weeks ago and we got soaked.   When it rains the streets turn into rivers and lakes in 2 minutes.  It is crazy how fast it pours.  Umbrellas don’t work if it is raining too hard; you just have to look for shelter.

We are looking to move this next month to find a better house and hopefully have a kitchen.  We found one with a sink, stove, fridge, and a MICROWAVE. – Yeah I know cush right?  It is a little small, but it will be good.  Our shower broke off on Tuesday.  We finished up working on the car in the morning, and we went to wash our hands in the shower (we don’t have a sink) and the pole broke right off.  So to shower we just turn the water on high, and the water squirts out of the wall.  Kind of funny.

I am healthy.  I need to exercise more because I’m getting really skinny, but all is well.  I have taken a liking to the typical breakfasts here.  When I first got here I hated beans, platano, cream, eggs, tortillas, but now I love it.  There is a place close that gives us a big plate of it for breakfast. Really good.  I want to learn how to make it, because it is simple and good.  I couldn’t believe people would want to eat it when I got here, especially when you could eat a burger instead. But now I go for this instead of the burger.  Crazy how our tastes change.

I really don’t have a whole lot to say today. The week flew by and I didn’t really write anything down to remember to tell you guys.  Sorry. Boring email.

I love you fam!!!!!!!!!

Me and Hemena, the bishops daughter. She kept us company while we worked on the car.

Gilbert, Hermana Gomez, Nicolasa, Elder Honez & Elder Sotelo

Gilbert and his mom, Nicolasa


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