A Breakdown of My Week

Que tal,

Well, Ill just give yall a breakdown of my week.  I hope writing in a different way will help me write something interesting today.

Monday:  I gave up my p- day to work on the car of the bishop.  It was good.  We changed parts out that were having problems.  I don’t know how to call the different parts in English so I can’t really describe what we did, just know we were chambiando fuerte.  It was a good day, but tiring.  We went to appointments in the night, and then went out to eat with the bishop to pizza hut.

Tuesday:  We had a capacitation early in the morning, and we had to go finish the car even earlier.  We took the car on a test run, as the bishop took us to our mtg.  All was sly.  The capacitation was actually really good.  The AP’s every once in a while do a capacitaition on topics that they want to speak on without the president.  President Hernandez showed up though and was an active part through his comments.  It started at 8 in the morning and we left at 1 in the afternoon.  It went on too long, but I learned some good stuff.  One elder talked about faith, and the other about gaining the confidence of God.  Really, really interesting.  He read a book that is called Worthy of Confidence/Trust.  Look it up for me porfa.  I would like to read it.  I don’t have my notes with me but it was really simple but profound.

Wednesday: I gave a music class, but nobody showed up.  Little dogs. We are going to try to organize a ward choir.  It will be hard, but we will do it.  It’s really one of the strange things that people lack here – Skills of music.  They were taught do, re, mi,….. Which makes it hard to read notes quickly, so I am teaching notes with the letters.

Thursday: We had district meeting.  I taught my district and enjoyed a good hamburger, and played the piano.

Friday:  Un dia normal

Saturday: A bad day.  We tried to contact all of our investigators, and less active families without success. NOTHING. We had one lesson and walked around all day. It was a big bummer.

Sunday: We went to church without investigators.  Always a bummer. Then we had a meeting, ate lunch, planned out our week, left with the 2nd counselor, did a fhe, went to apts and then we ate dinner.

Overall, a really boring week.  Not much happened.  And, this different way of writing didn’t really make my writing more interesting. I don’t really have more to say. Ha.

See ya family.  I LOVE YALL

ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)


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