Happy Birthday Elder Jones

HEELLLOO fambly,

Well this week has been swell.  I have really enjoyed it and have come to a new point in my mission. There are many times that, although I am in the mission, I feel like I am very far from God.  But this last week I have come to a personal realization, and have come to understand a bit better about willpower and the way we should always act.  I have always seen decisions as something to do and not to think about too hard to avoid the headache, unless it is something really important.   But I have realized that every little decision makes or brakes my day and shows who I am as a person.  I enjoy to think and ponder, but I don’t like to weary myself mentally.  It is one of the things I hate, because I feel like I am a zombie after thinking about so many things. But in thinking and using the spirit, I have found it to be quite a new exhilarating experience – how the spirit can enter us and give us revelation and inspiration.  I read the talk by Elder Scott from this last conference about revelation and inspiration and as a result of reading it helped me to think and really understand about myself and in turn understand about God. Really just a good introspection.  It would be too hard to tell all about it, but it has been really quite a neat experience for me.

We have been painting an apartment of an investigator this week. We have spent a lot of time working on it and I believe that it will help her open up to our message.  We will see how it goes. It was nice to chill and work with my hands a bit.  I even patched some sheetrock.  It brought me back to the good ol days working for dad painting, and mudding, and sheetrockin.  It was really quite peaceful.  I felt like I was at home.

We had a great lesson with an investigator that we have only had one contact with.  She has lots of problems, and I don’t want to tell too much and not keep her privacy.  Mainly she is just struggling with her divorce and is really looking for something new.  It was a special day when we found her.  We were praying to find the chosen ones, and we were going to the church for a meeting and she walked up to us and said “What do I need to do to be a member?”  That was music to our ears.  bee aye utifull.  But then we lost contact with her for 3 weeks, and this last Tuesday we were walking and she pulls up in her car and is like HEY ELDERS. We put a cita with her for later on that day at her friend’s house. We went to our other citas and then went to teach her. We always walk around with article of faith cards.  They are really handy due to the apostasy that the people spread about the church, and really declares what we believe.  So we based our lesson on the 13 articles of faith briefly explaining the points.  We basically taught L1 and L3 and the Articles of Faith.  So then we remembered that the bishopric had their meeting in the church and her friend just happened to live in the house across the street from the church.  We went over there, introduced her to the bishopric, showed her the font where she will be baptized (aww yeah, ck ck), and basically gave a tour better than the one that Willy Wonka gave.  It was a good time.

Another funny thing I forgot to tell yall.  We were coming back from the office from doctors appointment, (my comp has chronic allergies that he has been dealing with for 6 months, so they hooked him up with a bunch of pills to take it away, and if not he will have to go to the hospital until they figure it out) when we decide to take a bus.  The buses here are crazy and usually only stop 5 – 10 seconds and are already racing ahead, as other busses behind compete to get ahead to get more people to board their bus.  So this was the case in this situation.  I like to enter the bus when it is moving, and it started to move so I ran to the back door and hoped on. I thought my comp got in the front door, but he didn’t.  I was comp-less.  The weirdest feeling too, being that I haven’t been completely alone in more than 10 months.  Freaked me out a bit so I got off and waited for my comp to come on the next bus or walk to where I was.  2 minutes later a member rolls down his window of his car to ask ” Hey elder, where is your companion?” So I explained it and waited and then I saw my comp running towards me.  Whooh.  It was lucky that we found each other again so quickly.  ¿Chistoso va?

Ok answering your questions.  District meeting was good.  I taught about humility, and the power it brings to us as missionaries.  We read Preach My Gospel in the Christ Like Attributes section. Then I pulled out some scriptures that show how God sees us through his eyes.  Less than the dust of the earth.  I gave examples, and then taught about the opposite, pride.  I used a talk that President Uchtdorf gave about pride like a year ago in priesthood session, and then taught them that humility is a principle of power, not of weakness.  2 Corinthians 12: 7-10 I think.  I can’t remember exactly.  Just where Pablo is talking about how he has a thorn, otherwise he would be exalted, and for that when we are weak, we are strong in Christ.  I talke weaknessd about handing our heart to God (Helamen 3) and the importance of doing the will of God, etc.  I had to teach 45 minutes, but it wasn’t enough time.  Then I bought them chips and juice.

I got a really nice haircut today.

I’ve gone back to keeping my promptings notebook on me at all times, and I have noticed a huge difference in how the spirit works with me.  It really is a testimony to me of the importance of always being ready for promptings to write them down so we can keep on receiving them.  If not, the spirit stops working with us.

Thanks family for all the birthday wishes.  I’m planning on doing something spankin nice this Wednesday.  Yooo know.  Like eat cake, spank a baby, cut some herbs, open gifts, drink out of a flask, and preach the restored gospel.


ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)


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