A New Apartment

Hi Family,

Well, this week was a good week, but a little tough.  I’m really trying to learn how to work with the members better to be able to have better lessons and better chances of baptisms.  It is really tough to figure all of it out, especially when I don’t have saldo on my phone, so I don’t have use of my phone for one more week.  We have really positive people but we just can’t get in contact as often as I would like and they all have problems coming to church.  There is no excuse to not come to church but being that they have their agency, they choose what they want to do, even when we talk about the importance of el Dia de Reposo.  We should have some good baptisms this month, but we really, really, have to work hard.  We have a new schedule as companions, and are setting new goals to work better.  My companion will finish his allergy medication in a week and should be back to normal and not so sleepy all the time.

My birthday was a normal day.  I did nothing to celebrate it. We just worked hard and had a good full day.  I don’t like people knowing it is my birthday so it was peaceful.  We went and ate with a family yesterday for lunch to celebrate my birthday and Hermana Fields. Hermano and Hermana Fields are a great couple here in the ward. They live in Bountiful Utah 8 months of the year and then come here for the rest of the year.  Hermano Fields is from Alaska and served here 35ish years ago and Hermana Fields is from Honduras. They are a great couple and are like grandparents to all the missionaries.  They always bring us food at church or hats so we don’t get burned in the sun during service.  I got my package though.  It was really, really great. Thank you soo much.  The sheet music and cd´s were spankin nice.

So we finally changed houses this week.  Nos vemos cucarachas.  It was a great change.  We actually live in one of the apartments of one of our investigators.  It is smaller than our other apartment, BUT luxurious.  I’m mean… I’m talkin lujoso.  I have a SINK. SPHYAH I KNOW.  You have no Idea how nice it is to have a sink.  BUT WAIT, THERES MORE…Call in the next 20 minutes and you’ll receive a second one FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  Yep, 2 sinks, AND a microwave.  We are living the highlife.  Illsendsomfotossoyallcanseemynewchante.

I was walking to an appointment the other day when the song from 7 brides for 7 brothers popped into my head.  I couldn’t remember the words and just started to sing it unconsciously and it came out like “Bless my beautiful hide…..”  I’m pretty sure it is bride instead of hide.

We were ending church yesterday, getting ready to leave, when 2 white guys from Turkey walk into the church.  We shuffled them upstairs to the library to talk to them in private and see if they were a threat.  They spoke English and were really nice.  The Bishop and the 1st counselor of the Stake Presidency speak English so they talked with them for a bit.  It caused a bit of a scare because recently they have had problems here with people who come into places and steal stuff or even kiddies.  The quorum president was certain that they were going to steal kiddies so he evacuated everyone out of the building as fast as he could.  They were really peaceful and just wanted to get to know Honduras.  They are travelers and started their journey in Mexico and are going down to Panama in a month.  I don’t know if that was true, but they were really nice.  Anyway, it was interesting.

I’m glad you guys are having a blast without me. I would really like just one day to come home and chill with the fam, go hiking, but then I would want to come back.  Thinking about it and how I have gotten used to the life here and the people, it is going to be really weird coming back to the states. It is already more comfortable and faster for me to speak Spanish now than English.  I have problems speaking English and at times I forget words.  You guys need to learn Spanish.

There’s nothing much more to say really.  Things are moving along.  The work is real.  I’m doing well.  Lovyahal. Keep it real.


Elder Jones



Our desk and study area

The kitchen with a SINK!

Beds – in the same room with the kitchen and study area

Bathroom – with a SINK and a HOT SHOWER!


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