Silent Night

Hi Family,

(In response to new about all the fires in Utah)  Wow, well it seems to me that things are just getting right out of hand in the United states.  I was reading the paper in the barbershop the other day, and couldn’t believe all that is happening.  We are defiantly seeing some signs of the times.

This week was pretty nice.  We had a TON of our appointments fall, but found a really positive family.  Another family like Rosa and Walter.  ck ck. awww yeah, super nice.

Before we came to the stake center to write and play some ball, we stopped off at the BK lounge to eat a burger.  We met 2 gringos there that were backpacking through Central America.  They were from Florida, and Idaho and one served a mission in Argentina.  It was pretty cool to see them and talk with them – real live gringos.  It always amazes me to see them here in Honduras. They started in Costa Rica, and then went to Panama, then Costa Rica again, and then Nicaragua, and now Honduras.  Tonight they should be in El Salvador or Guatemala.  It was nice to chat about what’s happening in the states and speak English.

We had a great musical devotional this last Friday.  I sang Silent Night.  I know it is a Christmas song, but it was refreshing to have something different.  My zone leader, Elder Houston and I sang together.  I sang the melody for the first verse in English while he sang bass.  Then we switched parts and sang in Spanish and then for the 3rd verse we switched back, and finished in Spanish.  It was good.  We just prepared it real quick.  The devotional was about 2 and a half hours of musical performances from the missionaries.  It was really quiet neat to see such talent in the mission. I loved it because it wasn’t too long and boring, and we felt the spirit really strong.

President Hernandes and Hermana Hernandes came to our ward yesterday.  It was nice to have them there, and we were able to talk to him after sacrament meeting about the different ways we are trying to work here.  There isn’t an area like it in the entire mission.  Really, really hard, but we still are able to have some pretty good dats.  The members here are great.  They are always ready to help and so kind.  We had our second coordination yesterday with all the organizations of the ward and the bishopric.  It really helps a ton to be working together.  We have a new family, the Mendez family.  They are chosen and ready.  It is just a matter of time until they are baptized.  We went to contact them with a member last Thursday, and had a really neat lesson – it just all flowed. We only taught up to the apostasy of lesson 1, but they really understand it well, and feel comfortable talking with us.  We are going this week to paint one of their rooms, and chop wood in front of their house.  We also made a date for baptism for the 21st.

We have food for almost every meal, with members so don’t worry.  The people here are kind, so no problem with the food.  Plus I bought a huge bag of corn flakes at Pricemart last Monday.  It’s almost gone, but that’s all right, I’m going to make oatmeal this week.  We don’t have any cockroaches or mice.  It is actually really, really nice. But we did have a nice flea that was biting us.  We found it and killed it quickly.  A lot of the members here have the little shiatsus or little white housedogs, so we always play with them, and I’m sure that’s where the flea came from.  Grandma’s cookies, in my birthday package were delicious.  I ate every single one in an hour.

I was able to go on divisions with my Zl´s this last Friday.  It was really nice to go to the office to pick up mail, be in a different area, meet new people. My comp told everyone that I was mini-changed and everyone was sad.  It was nice to see how happy they were when they saw me in church Sunday.

Well things are good here.  I love the time I get to study and then apply it to the people who need it most.  Service to others, and being able to see this change in the quality of their lives, is the best.  When I entered the mission I thought that I had to focus on my self to help other people.  Learn all I could, be at peace, be the best I could be.  But I have found that these changes I want in myself come when I am focused on other people, not on myself.  The self-refinement doesn’t come with thoughts in oneself.  That’s why I think so many people love getting “lost in the work” because that is where the joy and the change come.  This last conference has had some key information and lessons for me that I have been able to learn and really help me understand this principle.  Another thing I learn this last week comes in a quote from Joseph Smith “A man gains his salvation only as fast as he gains intelligence.”  Like the scripture in dyc 131 ” we can not be saved in ignorance.”  It is so nice to have so much time to study.  Sometimes I feel like I could study all day long.  There are so many things to study its overwhelming at times.

I love you family!

Elder Jones

Playing b-ball with the zone

Friends in the Mission

Little cutie-pies that hatched outside my window

My group that came into the field last November. There are more outside the city but a good amount are here in the city.


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