“If you judge people, you have no time to love them”

Hello Family,

This week was another really slow week, with lots of appointments that fell. However we did have some nice highlights of the week.  We went with 2 sisters in the ward (one who does our laundry and another who we eat with every Friday) and we went to the big record building that is in the Mira Flores Plaza and handed out a load of materials.  In this building the people get their identity cards, take out partidas to get married, and other things like that.  On the outside they built a pavilion walkway with benches lining both sides for people to sit on while they wait to do their stuff.  So we took 45 Liahonas and 35 pamphlets of Lesson 1-3, and the Proclamation to the World about the family.  People responded well to it and many seemed to read it.  There were a few who were really interested and thanked us for handing them out.  Some people refused to take them saying “I’m catholic,” or “I don’t believe in God.”  We even had a discussion with an evangelical lady who said it doesn’t matter what church you go to, you just have to accept Christ in your heart.  We put our names and numbers on the backside of all the handouts.   Nobody has called yet, but there is always the hope.  We also made a sheet this last week with our abilities and how we would like to give service; painting, piano lessons, bathing your dog, chopping your yard, etc.  People have taken them down in places though.  We put the logo of the church on the paper, which we probably shouldn’t have done to avoid people taking them down.

I read a quote this last week that I really liked and fits in really well with what we do here as missionaries.  “If you judge people you have no time to love them.” Mother Teresa.  I used to be a very judgmental person due to my perfectionist tendencies, and here in the mission I have seen how I have changed.  I am trying to always look for the good in others.

I was really sick this last week.  I mean, take a time machine and go back to December kind of sick.  Tuesday we ate lunch with Hermana Vanegas who makes thee most heavenly meals, but something happened and it killed my guts.  I’m still sick, but doing better. And it wasn’t just me, but my comp was sick to.  Things are better now, but I have to really watch what I eat.

We had changes this last week.  We are the same.  It will be 6 more weeks of a difficult situation but it will be all right.  We have some good things going for us right now, we just need to keep going.

I saw in the newspaper this last week that the UN named Honduras the most dangerous country in the world.  Booyah.

We eat lunch with another member who has a little restaurant on the side of his house.  We were eating there, and I heard a lady screaming really, really creepily.  I’m talking paint peeling, hair standing, and back scratching kind of scream.  I look up and on the News there is a video of a creature that they said was the product of witchcraft. It was basically a serpent coiled up, attached to the back of a chicken, and a dead head of some creature with blond hair.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real.  Some freaky stuff happens here.  People like to play with magic too much.

Well I’ve got to go now.  My time is up.  I Love you all.  I’m jealous that you were able to go to Lava.  Puchica.  I would love to go right now. Ha. But I have more important things to do.  Keep it reel.  luv yoos


This is what happens when I can’t study any more and I need to do something different. Child Link 🙂

I drew a picture of Jesus yesterday.


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