Our Land Lady is Baptized

Ok, so I wrote down a bunch of things that happened this last week so I could remember to tell them to you.  It was a very interesting week.

My companion and I were walking back to our house the other day and a lady hops out of a truck and says “Hey Elders I need your help!”  She had a family member who died in Miami and she needed to give the death certificate to the registro so that it would be valid here in Honduras.  So we went to a little food place of one of the members, sat down and she had me translate the death certificate.  It was really difficult, but I did it without a dictionary.  There were a lot of words that we don’t normally use in every day vocabulary due to the fact that it was an official document.  When I couldn’t figure out a word, we played guess the word.  I would describe it to my comp and he would tell me what it was.  Kind of fun.  It took over an hour to translate but the she was really appreciative.  She bought us tacos and soda.

We had a very busy Saturday but it was really nice.  We had a Stake activity where we had a devotional that started at 1:30 in the afternoon and then we got in a big tourist bus and went to the temple site.  It is getting close to being finished.  Outside it is pretty much finished and they are working on the inside now.  We went to the hill behind the temple and had a Stake devotional about the temple.  They talked about living on a higher plane, preparing spiritually, putting their lives in order and preparing names for the temple in preparation for the temple opening and had a stake choir sing some songs.  The local Scout group helped out by being security, handing out bags of water, and giving out helium balloons that they let fly into the air at the end of the devotional.  It was really cool to see tons of white balloons with notes tied to the strings flying to Jesus.  We took photos as a zone, and with 2 families from the ward that are awesome.  The family Ordonez are like family.  Their oldest just did a mini mission in the south and is really excited to leave on his mission.  He gave us a reference and is always ready to teach with us. Anyway after the devotional we all returned to the capilla to have our baptism.  We baptized a lady who basically lives in our house.  Ha.  We rent her apartment.  She is the mom of the newest family of the ward that were baptized in March.  She is the sweetest old lady.  We call her “pelo de jabon” or hair of soap, because she has white, white hair.  We always joke that it turned even whiter after her baptism and confirmation because she is now pure.  After that we hurried and ate Chinese rice and chow mien with the Ordonez family. After that we left with the oldest son to go and visit the Mendez family. They weren’t home, so we went to another investigator, put in a baptismal date and then went back to the Mendez family.  We caught them just as they got home.  So we went in and read 3 nefi 11 with them about when Christ came to the Americas.  It was nice, but they still have doubts.  The dad wanted to leave because there was a soccer game on and every once and a while would say. ” So you’re leaving now right?” Kind of funny.  It’s going to take some time working with them, but they are ready for change.

I’ve got a new district, two elders and two hermanas.  It is a nice change.

We have been in and out of the hospital all week with my comp because he has really been bad with his allergies.  We talked to a doctora and he did different exams, and put my comp on a different treatment now, but it is still pretty miserable for him.  The medicine makes him like a walking zombie, but he still works.

OK TIME TO GO. I love you family.  Ihopeyoosbeedoingood.  Oh and I should be getting my scripture covers next week.  They are going to be spankin nice.


La Familia Ordonez – my Honduran family

La Familia Martinez

My Zone

Right before the baptism


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