A Visit to Trinity

Hello Family,

This week there really isn’t a whole lot to tell.  We have really been working on having more lessons with members present. We had 15 this last week, which is a huge improvement.  We are really trying hard to focus on these lessons, and getting more references.  It is really hard, however to talk to our investigators if I don’t have a phone to call them. It’s difficult but we ask the members to lend us their phones.  This last week we had a baptism of a kid of a family who we activated.  It all starts in the family.  If we can help the families here through the gospel, they will change their communities and hopefully it will be so much better.  There is such a big gap between the members and the rest of the people here.  It really makes it easy to identify a member when you see one.

I was able to go back and visit my old area of Trinity.  I went back and visited Rosa, Walter and Ruth and some of the other converts and friends.  I was able to go because a guy that I started working with back in November was getting baptized.  He quit marijuana, is living the law of chastity, stopped drinking, got a job, and was baptized Saturday.  I was able to go with my son, elder sac, because he is in my zone now, and he was asked to baptize him.  It was so nice to see Rosa y family.  We ate lunch, chilled, I wrote them a letter, drew a picture of Jesus, and printed photos to give them.  It was a really good day.

Well I’m sorry but I don’t have more time.  I know it is a boring letter. I apologize. Keep it real family.



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