Well we had a slow week this week.   The dats were a bit low due to lots of fallen appointments.  We almost never knock doors, because it doesn’t work. So all that we can do is teach the members how to be missionaries and talk to their neighbors.  We go with some of the youth teach lessons, and are painting a house right now as service.  I am also doing more divisions with the elders from Sabana Grande, and we went Friday and Saturday to get to know some of the investigators in the hermanas area.

I did divisions with the elders of Sabana Grande (big sheet) on Thursday.  It’s a tiny little pueblo (little village) about an hour out of the city.  It is actually out of our mission boundaries.  The other mission, Comayaguala, didn’t want Sabana Grande, so they gave it to us.  We take a taxi and then a bus to get out there.  We got on the bus and this guy grabs his seat and it bends back and gets close to hitting my companion (for the day) and he says sorry.  That kind of surprised us because nobody apologizes here, and nobody speaks English.  We started talking with him and come to find out that he is from Israel.  He know Hebrew, English, and another language that they speak there, and he speaks English better than I do.  He started out in the military there (it is a requirement of all men in Israel to be part of the army for a certain amount of time) and then after that he kept going with the military as his job.  He worked in Virginia, I believe he lives in New York, if I remember correctly, and is here in Honduras for work.  He said he was baptized in our church, but due to his work hasn’t had the time to go.  He said “I’m in the army of men, you  are in the army of God.”   He was a really cool guy.  He told us some other stuff that I can’t share. Top secret; keep it on the DL, nobudybeknowin, kind of stuff. Well then we went to Sabana Grande and took care of some branch business.  The elder who I was with is the branch president and a missionary.  I am sure it is very difficult to balance the two things, but he does a good job.  Also we have been working with the hermanas and meeting their families.  In April we got a little bored, and went into an area, that technically is theirs.   So we were able to give 3 references for them to go and teach.  Over all things are good in the district.

Not much more to say this week. I’m truly sorry.  It’s a bummer, but some weeks I just don’t have much to report.  Send me a list of questions and I can answer them if you want next week.  Love yall!



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