Drawing on the Powers of Heaven

Hoookay.  Here she is.  This week was actually a really good week. I am enjoying the challenge that comes from training and opening an area.  It is a real big test of my faith.  We are reading as a zone a book called “Drawing on the Powers of Heaven.”  Just in the past couple of days that I have been reading this book, it has really changed my perspective on missionary work.  I have always been a person that believes in depending more on God than myself, but without the real knowledge on how this principle of faith actually works.  This book talks in depth about faith, and how to truly use it as a principle of power in our lives and not just as a motivation for our own works. It goes through how to set goals, what are true desires, mental processes, and so on, to be able achieve righteous desires in any facet of our lives.  Be it in sports, schooling, or work, by applying these principles in our lives we can be more effective as people in overcoming our weaknesses.  It specifically talks about seeking and gaining spiritual gifts, a topic which I have extensively studied here in the mission. Although nothing can substitute work, working efficiently is an important part of our work as missionaries.  I can bust my back all week and have killer dats, or I can do my part in seeking gifts to enhance my abilities to further my success, and not leave the mission with grey hairs.  The anxiety as a missionary to perform is big here. Although I am not saving lives physically, I am doing it spiritually, which with an understanding of the atonement of Christ is what really matters. We will all be resurrected, but we will not all go to heaven. The sicknesses need not just missionaries who work hard and do the drill, but professional amateurs. jaja. I say that being that we are the amateurs, but with God and his gifts we are professionals in his work. It is inspiring and brings great joy.  Although it is hard and results often aren’t seen until later on, it is worth it.

Also part of this book explained a principle that really hit me, which is that of our own mental strength in the process of faith.  As we all know a man may not have faith and doubt.  They are opposites.  Satan uses our own weakness of mind to keep us from gaining the blessings of our works by making us doubt and lose faith.  Faith must accompany our works if we are to receive blessings.  There were many quotes from “As a Man Thinketh” which I have read several times, and it really gave it a spiritual twist to our own mental power.  He brought up the point about mental idleness.  I am not idle in thought by any means, but he showed it from a different point of view bringing up movies, music, and other sources of entertainment that are like opium to our minds. Giving us the high and allow us to be in a blissful idleness – which is true.  Before the mission I listened to music 24/7.  It is a passion of mine but I listened all day everyday, which is too much.  It gives examples of how we need to take time for scheduled meditation everyday, to exercise our own minds to the capacity that we could achieve.  There were many other neat points in this book that will be of great use to me in these next 10 months of my mission.  I’m a Reading Rainbow fan and I don’t know that I could ever do justice to the greatness of this book so I just want to say, “Of course you don’t have to take my word for it, pick it up and read if for yourself.”

We are slowly progressing with our new investigators and gaining more and more confidence with them.  We have 3 family nights planned, an activity with the youth in the park on Saturday, and various references to contact this week.  It should be really productive.  We are really focusing on the principles of being strictly obedient to be able to gain the blessings needed to have success in our area.  We study hard, work hard, and play hard.  We are still trying to get set up here in the area, but it will come with more time.

I went to take money out of my mission card today, and the ATM ate my money.  That means that I have to last till next week on 10 dollars while the bank fixes the problem.  jaja.  Wish me luck.

Yes Elder Romagnoli is new and is a great guy.  He is 18 but is really mature and fun at the same time.  We get along perfectly and its a nice break after babysitting for 3 changes.  All our  hard work paid off in Mira Flores too, they should have 5 baptisms this month.

Ok, answering your questions.  Here the church is really strong it is a ward of 200 people.  The chapel doesn’t fit everybody there are soo many people.  They are going to split it soon but need our help.  They put us in to help them out a bit, but the missionaries were taken out before because the members weren’t helping out as much as they should.  But know its round 2 and they have 2 really nice missionaries in town 🙂 The members are nice though.  We are going to really start to work hard with them.  We live in the upstairs of a house.  We have 3 rooms, and a bathroom.  It is really big and nice.  The shower is cold and we only have a stove that goes on the table, however the lady who owns the house, who also is an investigator, has an oven.

The week I got here I started hearing “que guapo” a lot and girls making kissing noises in the street.  I’m sure that they are talking about my spiritual handsomeness.  So I started counting this last week and I got over 15 guapos and 7 kisses.  I kind of like it here. lol jk

I can’t believe parker is already getting ready to leave on a mission. That’s just crazy.  I don’t know how I like that. Not seeing my own brother for 4 years – kind of rough.  We’ll see how things go.  The Lord has it all planned.

Christmas package????? I have no idea what I want.  It’s always like that.  I don’t know, and then after Christmas all the things I want pop into my head.  No, but all is well right now.  I’m happy, healthy, and working hard.  Nothing more I could really want.  Just make it nice.

I was really tempted to buy a pillow the other day, but I decided that I’ve already had almost 14 months without a pillow.  Another bit will not hurt.  Oh, and I have flees in my bed that came from my comp touching a nasty dog, and then in turn touching me.  NASTY!

Well my time has come to an end and I must be done. Ibeeluvinufolks.  KEESHESH and HUGS

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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