We are Teaching People, Not Lessons

This week was an interesting week to say the least.  Tons of rain, and a naked man walking around the city.  Just to explain a bit, every morning it is really clear here.  Sometimes it rains in the morning, but almost afternoon it has about an hour when it just POURS. I’m talking I need to buy a boat to raft around the streets to knock doors, kind of rain. It’s actually kind of nice though because it has been sweltering hot.  It makes it kind of hard to go out because we will walk 30 minutes to the bottom of our area, or go into the mountains to find someone, and de repente I’m swimming. It’s good though because my boots are finally getting some good use.

We were walking to the church Saturday morning at 6:10 to go get some of the youth to help us with an activity, when far off I see this guy standing on a corner about 100 yards from me.  I thought he was wearing like tan shorts or something, but then I realized that he was completely naked and what I thought were short, were actually just a tan line.  We spooked him a bit so he left and started walking down another road.  We sat there laughing and a bit stunned to see that, and watched as this lady came out of her house to go to work and was just struck with amazement as she watched this guy walk past.

I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting about being a missionary.  The first person got up and talked for 7.54 minutes (i timed it) and then the next person talked for 9.34 minutes.  So basically when it was my turn, the clock was saying 9:30 and I had a lot of time to speak.  It actually went really well.  It was the first talk I have given where I actually felt comfortable.  I wasn’t sweating, didn’t have my heart pounding, and I didn’t even read my talk.  Man, I can’t even do that in English.  I just wrote down some quotes, scriptures, and outlined my talk in a way it would make sense.  I knew I had a ton of time so I just talked and talked without looking at the clock.  I ended up talking for 25 minutes.  Not bad right?  Most definitely an answer to my prayers.

I don’t know if you remember when Rosas sister died last June.   Well she was from here in Paraiso, and I was talking to Rosa the other day and she gave me the number of her niece.   So we went and talked to her the other day.  They are actually really positive.  Rosas sister was going to get baptized right before she died, but couldn’t because she was too sick.  Bad news right?  Nope, just part of God’s plan.  One of the last things her mom said to her before she died is that she should keep listening to the missionaries.  For some reason the missionaries stopped coming, but we found her the other day.  With her Mom gone I think she will feel great excitement about the temple and the work that can be done for her family.  I love how Preach My Gospel works.  You gain a testimony and understanding of the doctrines and principles of the gospel and then you apply them right to the needs of the people. We are teaching people, not lessons.

We have a ton of youth here that are getting ready to go on a mission and are excited to help us.  They want to get involved in what we are doing they really look up to us.  Kind of cool.

Last P-day we made baleadas.  We made everything.  Tortillas, salsa, eggs, beans, you name it.  It turned out really delicious. Then today we went to a church were they have GRASS.  Yeah lujoso.  So we played football, and futbol on the little cancha.  It was really nice.  The only bummer was there were some mean ants that were biting my feet.  I have welts on them now.  Really nice though.  We just chilled, then we went to eat and now I’m here using the Internet.  Then we’ll take the 30-minute bus back to our area, wash clothes (by hand), study, teach a lesson, and then go eat dinner.  Good day.  Anyway things are always a little hard here in the area, but it is all part of the trial of our faith. Our goal is to find 3 chosen, prepared families for this next month to baptize.  We are applying the guidelines of “Drawing Down the Powers of Heaven.” and using our collective faith to boost our performance. I’m actually really excited.

Well my family, things are well here.  Things are well there. I think Ill stay here for a while longer.  I love you all.

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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