Nathan’s Testimony

Hola mi familia.  ¿Que ondas?

Everything is smooth here – like peaches and cream.  Like I said last week we should be getting some nice baptisms this month.  But we have changes Wednesday and word on the street is that I’m a goner.  Not sure yet, but I feel like I’m going south.  Who knows.

This next week due to the elections we can’t leave the house. Depending on how bad it is depends on if it is Saturday and Sunday or just Sunday.  It gets pretty dangerous because supposedly there is going to be another golpe de estado (coup d’etat) like back in 2009.  We will mosey our way to church, but right after we have to get back to the house.

I’m so glad Parker is taking his mission seriously.  Studying is so important.  I’m almost finished with D y C and it has been really eye opening to understand new things and get use of these revelations. Everything makes sense.  Everything said in the scriptures is written for a reason, even the smallest phrase, or type of words.  It’s amazing.

I am still pretty sick.  I just have a cough now but I was thinking it was bronchitis or something because I had a couple days when it was hard to breath.  I am grateful things are getting better now.

We had a very blessed day yesterday.  We had 7 investigators in church.  They all showed up on their own too.  We stopped by some folk in the morning, but they couldn’t come, and then all of the sudden other folks came, including people we didn’t know.  We taught some lessons during church to set up a basis with the new people, and then set up other appointments.  Anyway it was really nice to have that after struggling weeks and weeks to have some investigators at church. After many trials come the blessings.

I know that this work is true.  What we do here is so important and changes the lives of so many. I’m glad that I have 4 brothers that will leave and do the same thing.  It may seem simple to say this but I know that the church is true.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  I know that we are children of our Heavenly Father.  I know that each one of us has a purpose and gifts given to us to fulfill that purpose.  Just as Christ grew grace by grace we also follow him in this way.  As we understand our callings, mission, and gifts, our lives transform from something temporal to something eternal.  Something that will perish at our time of death, to something that truly matters and gives meaning to our actions.  Agency is a power that we have to combat Satan in these tough times.  Our willingness to use this agency in the premortal life gave us the gift of a body and this life of challenge and trial and happiness.  We still possess this gift and upon gaining knowledge this agency gives us power to choose the right in all moments.  I know that God lives and loves us.  He always listens to us and keeps us close, even when we feel far from Him.    Jesus is the Christ and our medium of salvation, and his gospel is true.

Lovetomybelovedfambly ❤

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

In the back of a truck – getting a ride after church

Me and Jensyboy, my ZL

The cutest little girl I have ever met…I wish you could hear her talk!

B-ball at the stake center

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