Still in Pariaso

This last weekend passed pretty chill.  A lot more peaceful then expected.  However in Dan Li, which is 30 minutes away from my area (where we go for district meetings and p-day) 2 policemen, 6 men, and a political candidate were killed last Thursday.  Dan Li went on lock down from Friday until today.  Because we are far enough away we were to keep working but always with an eye looking out for any sign of problems.  Saturday morning we went to give service at the very south part of my area in the very last house of paraiso to dig a big hole.  It’s about 5 meters deep and 2 meters wide. It’s to be used as a place for sewage.  Because they don’t have sewage tubes that go out to this area they just make a tube to this hole and then cover it up when it gets full.  Anyways we got there early and when the other elders came they told us that they passed the police station on their way and saw a truck full of bullet holes and blood.  There was a baptism that day so we just kept working and Sunday we found out that some people were killed here too.  Sunday all the missionaries of the mission stayed in there houses, and only went to church in a car.  I was able to finish D y C, so that was really nice.  Now I’m going to start the Book of Mormon again but this time I’m going to read it out loud in Spanish to improve my pronunciation and to have more help from the gift of tongues.  I’ve noticed that as I strive more to learn Spanish and am constant in my efforts I am able to speak much better and fluent.  I can always speak, but sometimes there are those days when it is just like second nature, and all the words I want to say come too easily to be true.  Kind of neat to experience even though I am already comfortable speaking Spanish.

We went to a part of my area so far out that it takes about an hour to get there on foot.  It is called Kuidali. We left at 3:30 last Wednesday with a member to get to know some of the members and less active members out there and to establish a base of work.  We ended up leaving at 6:12ish and it was already dark.  We set back on the road and we walked in complete darkness for about 20 minutes.  People get robbed on that road a lot during the night; since there were three of us we didn’t have any fear.  As we walked back the sky was clear and I could see all the stars so clearly due to the fact that there was no streetlights or house lights.  I’ve been studying a lot about the preexistence, the second coming, and all that God has done and it made me think just how marvelous it is that we are here on this earth.  When were are focused in the things of this world many time we are lost in darkness just how we were on this path, but when we raise our view and try to perceive and understand our Father in Heaven it gives us so much more perspective and a clarity of life.  Maintaining that perspective is so important in this life because it is how we view this life.  Depending on how we perceive our actions, the actions of others, our circumstances, etc, influences how we will respond or live this life. It’s like the scripture in d y c that says that we walk in darkness at midday.  DYC 95:5-6.  Satan is so good at blinding us with all his distractions, pitfalls, and lies that we feel so lost that there is no hope. But we just have to look up to Him our Savior, and change our course bit-by-bit, walking by faith in this darkness, until we reach the light.  I try to look up every morning to try and gain that perspective so I can live according to his will.  This perspective is the pure love of Christ. When we are in possession of this love we are changed because we feel, see, and sense everything with a different perspective.  There is a reason that the first and greatest commandment is thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart might mind and strength.  If we truly have this love we understand his love, what he feels for us, and we act according to how he wishes us to act.  You just have to choose to put the right type of glasses on in the morning.

Its cold here and I still haven’t bought a blanket. ha.  I’ve been doubling shirts and socks at night to stay warm.  We were walking into the house the other day when I saw what I thought was a snake head. Turns out to be a caterpillar that my comp decided to make his pet.  He put it in a box and now it has already started its cocoon.  Pretty soon it will be a cute little butterfly.

I decided not to be lazy anymore and I finally wrote some letters.  I haven’t written letters in a long time.  I also haven’t received letters in a long time.  That’s when I had the epiphany that generally if one wishes to receive cards one must write them in return 🙂

Last p-day I had food from Spain.  We went to eat dinner with a family that had been in Spain for years and years.  Actually they have over 13 years gone back and forth in between the 2 countries.  They made a good potato tortilla, which was basically a big omelet with meat, potatoes eggs, and cheese, with an apple and orange lettuce salad, and to drink water, sugar, and oats.  For dessert we had a cooked banana with a peace of ham on top.  Yeah, definitely strange. It was basically a banana and bacon.  It was interesting but good.

We have zone conference this week and hopefully 5 baptisms.  They are still a bit sketchy but I have faith that it will happen at some point even if not this week.

All is well in Zion (not the carnal security kind – look for the scripture reference.) I’m going to go take a snooze and then study. I’m a boi skowt. Avenchur!!!!!!!

Love yall.

D y C 136:32-33 – I read this yesterday and really liked it.

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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