Zone Conference

Hello folks.  I wrote a bunch of stuff that happened this week in my agenda so things should go more smoothly this week.

First off I would like to tell y’all some good news.  We had Zone conference this last wednesday and President Hernandez announced some things that came from the area 70 of Central America.  The exciting news is that we will be able to Skype this Christmas.  Yup you heard right folks, you will get to see my ugly mug on christmas!  WHOOOOO!   We already found a family that will let us do it at their home.  Another thing we learned is that sister missionaries that come here to Central America can no longer knock doors. Jamas de los Jamases.  They just have to work with the wards and members and that will be a bit hard on them.  The hermanas in my district were a little distressed upon hearing that.  We were also told the story of “One Righteous Man”, which Elder Cook gave about one righteous missionary that changed his mission and the people he met where ever he went.  He was going to be sent to Paraguay to open an area.  It was one of the worst places to work and he wrote a letter to the president with a list of negative comments  but said at the end, that he didn’t believe any of them, and that by Christmas day he would have 20 or 25 baptisms.  By Christmas day he had 18 baptisms, and in the week after christmas he had 11 more. It really showed the importance of faith and truly relying on and trusting in the Lord. One of the AP´s talked about a topic that was really good for me to hear.  He talked about how here in the mission there are lots of problems and trials and we can choose to react like water or Sprite.  Upon being shaken and opened Sprite explodes with the pressure, and the other is normal. What makes the difference is us.  Who we choose to be, and how we choose to respond to different situations here in the mission and in life in general.  This last couple of weeks I’ve been frustrated  quite often and I’ve busted my cap at my companion.  He is like a kid sometimes and he knows my buttons really really really well.  So I just told him look, if you want chips you push B23 on the vending machine.  That happens with me too.  If you kick my legs(B34)  you are going to get some nice words. So I went on a list of little things like that that in all reality don’t matter, but satan was using him to make me angry and lose the spirit.  He was always telling me be patient and saying that it doesn’t make sense getting angry because it doesn’t help anything.  Which is true, but as I change my sprite to water he needed to chill off.  So we made a list and now we are Patrick and spongebob, and not Tom and Jerry.  I was taught a good lesson,  especially since this is a big weakness for me.   Anyway the conference was nice and gave me some good thoughts on how we can work more effectively.

Ive continued to be sick this week.  There’s a really bad viral bug going around.  EVERYONE is sick. So sick that people are going house to house giving free injections so an epidemic doesn’t start.  Yeah, nuts. I was walking around with a fever again on Saturday and Sunday.   Saturday was really busy because I had to come to Danli to do 3 baptismal interviews and it took a long time.  I was hoping to use the morning to chill and study and rest, but that didn’t happen.  After church Sunday I took some medication, made some tea, and went to sleep to sweat it out.  Now I feel a lot better.  I also make lots of tea.  Ive made sunflower tea, lemongrass tea, and cinnamon tea.  Thats been helping me be able to hear. I had a lack of hearing in my right ear.  Anyway I’m better now. No worries.

Yes I got your package.  Im going to cut down a tree and put the presents under it.  I’m going to the Colonia today to buy a apple, cinnamon air freshener.  I already have lights and christmas music from tab choir, Josh groben, and Sufjan Stevens.  What more do I need?

One pair of my shoes finally died.  The back heel caved in.  How?  No idea.  I think its all the rocks.  Yep.

Of all the interviews I have done for baptism I had my favorite one this last Saturday.  It is a girl who works for a part member family who are really good to the missionaries.  They are successful, so they are nice enough to give us about 5 meals a week.  Anyway, this girl and her mom, who also works in the house cooking food and cleaning and running the store on the side of their house, started receiving the lessons about 3 weeks ago.  The mom didn’t want anything, but the daughter had some interest.  When I started the interview with her she told me her conversion story that happened in the short space of 3 weeks.  Before even hearing about the BOM she had a dream where she saw the numbers 1820, a rock, and a gold book.  Kind of familiar right?  I gave a Joseph Smith pamphlet to her sister in the park a couple of days earlier without knowing who she was.  This girl picked it up and saw the connection in her dream.  When they had the next lesson she was asking the questions not the elders.  ha.  She prayed one night and sat reading the Book of Mormon and had a moment where everything made sense.  Authority, the restoration, prophets, Joseph Smith, everything.  It just clicked. From that point she decided to be baptized.  She had some other really neat dreams also which only added to her conversion.  Overall it was a really neat experience for me to see someone who already had such a strong testimony of the gospel even before being baptized.  She reminded me a lot of Rosa.

Also after a whole year of talking to this guy and sending him really nice emails, Jerry the forro guy is going to do my scripture cases.  I payed last December and he is just barely starting them.  I should have my Christmas present from last year for this year!

We had a neat conversation last night with a guy as we were walking to an appointment.    I live in the capital of coffee and for that very reason I hear choruses of quiere cafe! all day long.  So I use that as an opportunity to open the mouth and talk about the word of wisdom.  People think that if they give us coffee we will go away and stop bugging them. hehe  Not the case with me.  So this guy said cafe and we started talking to him.  Turns out he likes to drink but wants to change his life and look for God in his life.  He actually is one of our neighbors.  So this week we will go contact him.

Ok.  Well I’ll beeseenul8r.

Love you,

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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