A Wonderful Surprise

Hello my fellow norteamericanos (gringos, cheles, gueritos)

I had one of the most pleasant surprises this last week.  I have been thinking a lot about Rosa and Walter and wanting to know more about what is happening with them. I always get home too late to call, and in the morning we are always studying and I don’t think about it.  Well y’all know that we are teaching her niece here in el Paraiso.  We promised her during the week that we were going to come to bring them to church and help get all the kiddies dressed and ready.  When we got to their home at 8 in the morning, to my surprise Rosa answered the door. There is nothing better than that!  It was so great to see her and what was even better is she was getting ready to come to church and Walter was there too!  They came on Walters motorcycle Saturday and were going to leave after church.  I was able to chat a bit with Walter, as Rosa and Kelin were getting ready.  He has had a real change.  Like I said before he has always been serious about the things we teach but a bit timid, and for that reason he didn’t get baptized when I was there.  But with time and seeing his family grow in the gospel, and change for the better, he finally was baptized the first week of October.  I was going to return to the Trinity to baptize him but his mom died in September and they postponed the fecha.  It was a true change that I saw in him.  He was really hesitant about getting married, but now after seeing his wife be so strong and committed he has become a new man.  He talked to me how the gospel has blessed their lives and explained the little things that have happened in their lives that truly come from God.  He also told me that the Trinity has cooled down a lot and that they haven’t had a death since July.  Thats remarkable.  When I was there last December we had 7 deaths in a week, and I listened to a guy murdered behind my house.

The church is growing little by little and all are excited for the temple.  Yesterday as you know was fast Sunday and everybody was bearing testimony.  Rosa has never had fear of those kinds of things even when not in her own ward.  She got up and gave a testimony that I will never forget.  I can’t really describe what she said very well, neither the feelings I felt, but I know that this family was meant for the gospel.  If I came to Honduras to just baptize this family I would be happy – mission accomplished.  Now with Walter baptized they can be sealed in the temple in a year.  Rosa talked about how grateful she was for the temple and now that even though her sister has gone on she can do the work for her, and for her family, and help those who are still alive who don’t know of this gospel.  It was astounding because she talks like a member that has years and years and years.  She understands exaltation, the importance of temples, and many other principles.  She is going to come more often to help us get Kelin baptized.  The problem is that her husband is scared of commitment and doesn’t want to get married.  It helped a lot to have Walter there supporting him.  I hope their example will have a profound affect on them.

This week we are chuck full of service. Tomorrow we are going to paint, Wednesday we are going to chop weeds out in a far far village, and Friday we are going to go harvest beans up in the mountains.  Im excited for all the opportunities we have to serve and truly use our time to help those in need.

We also watched the devotional last night.  It really touched me and I learned some really important things, things that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Although the words of the First Presidency were profound and inspiring, it set the environment for the spirit to teach me what I want to do this month of December.  Last Christmas was special, but I was caught up a lot in home and missing stuff.  This year to tell y’all the truth I’d rather be here.  Its all about love.  True love in which all things unimportant are tossed aside and we learn to love unconditionally as the Savior.  This is what I want to focus in this month.  My Zl is really tuned in and had the wonderful revelation that instead of doing a christmas party all for us we would do something truly special and touching this Christmas.  The original plan was to have a big christmas party with food and games for us, but now we are going to bring a bunch of people off the street and treat them like kings.  True children of our God.  For a couple of hours we will give them the chance to feel the love of God through us. A love which they do not know of.  We are not doing this to have good dats, not even to baptize.  We are doing this because we love the people.  When we love them we love our God, and in loving God we will take care of his other children.  I believe it will be an experience that we will never forget.  This idea came to my Zl when we had a movie activity here in the stake center.  A woman and her three children entered the church to get out of the rain and went upstairs to see the movie.  Upon finishing the movie they went to use the restroom and leave.  The mens room didn’t have anymore paper to dry hands and as they were in the restroom Elder Jensen (my zl) asked her to get paper towels out of the dispenser that you push down to release paper. The woman touched it with a finger.  Then as Jensen encouraged her and told her how to do it she still didn’t understand.  Something so simple and normal for us, was foreign and strange.  Her worry is her and her three young children and how they will survive another day and not be hungry.  They know not of riches temporal or spiritual.  So this experience sparked the idea.  I believe it will defi(nate)ly be a special Christmas this year.

If everything goes smoothly we should have 6 baptisms this Saturday.  Please pray that they all go through!

Hey don’t worry about calling President.  Our whole group is going to go home a few weeks early to be able to get to classes.  I just need you to figure out when I need to sign up for classes.  It should be in the next couple of months.  We are going to figure out a date together.  It will depend on when the changes fall. I will be coming home at mini changes, but the exact date isn’t sure.  By May I will already have my itinerary. Pretty crazy.

Im so glad that all of you are doing so well and that you have enjoyed being together so much as family.  I love you all!!!!!!!!

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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