Temple Dedication Date!

Hello Folks,

This week that passed by was a great one.  As a missionary we should strive to always feel the spirit and we get used to it, but this last week it was even stronger and we were able to do some great things.  But before I start, baptisms were a no go.  We had some problems with good old Lucy this last week.  He was really trying to mess things up, but don’t worry because things should be back on track this next Saturday.  Ok, so I did divisions with my ZL on Thursday (Elder Jensen).  We normally do divisions on Thursday because we can start divisions directly after district mtg.  This last week for District mtg I taught a lesson on how we need to leave Babylon and not return unto it or look back. In DyC 133 it talks about this and the importance of being clean as we are the vessels of the Lord and we also carry the vessels of the Lord. I have had a few problems with disobedience in my district and I figured this lesson would be fit to talk about.  I talked about the importance of fleeing from Babylon, not looking back, who do we serve (we made a list of the decisions we make everyday and see on who we are serving, God or Satan), and having our mirada puesta unicamente en la gloria de dios.(I don’t remember the exact phrase in English – DyC 88 67-68)  I used the example of lots wife and the Anti Nephi Lehis as they cleaned and buried their weapons of war and rebellion.  We talked about goals and the importance of constant improvement.  Its like what the article of Brad Wilcox, “His Grace is Sufficient”, said.  That Christ is like a mom paying for piano lessons for her child.  He doesn’t expect us to pay him back, he only expects us to practice.  God is with the professional piano players, and if we don’t practice and become professional, we aren’t going to feel comfortable living with him.  If we can’t even keep ourselves out of the world for 2 years, how are we going to do it when we return to the world?  So after talking about goals I had them write down their weapons of rebellion or the contrary things that they do, and had them set goals to improve them.  After that we buried them in a cement crate behind the church.

After the lesson we went and helped the Hermanas contact their area because they can’t knock doors and need our help for new investigators.  So we went as a district and knocked some doors to help.  Then we hopped on a bus with my box full of 35  BOMs. and headed back to Paraiso.  When we got there went to eat lunch with a member, but I was sick so just my companion ate.  Then we went and gave a bunch of awesome lessons.  Oh,  also during district mtg I was able to give blessings to everyone in the district.  I was already worn out physically and as I did my 7th blessing I about passed out.  I had to leave the room and have someone else give the last blessing. Kind of crazy how draining it was.  It strengthened my testimony that the priesthood is real and not just with that experience.  We gave a blessing to a member to help him with a new job that would really help him and his family do better and move up a bit.  He was really nervous and as we gave the blessing I could feel a power flowing from my arms and hands. I don’t really know how to describe it but it doesn’t happen very often.  Another experience was the first time my companion gave a blessing. He had never done one before, yet despite his lack of experience of the procedure to follow he did the blessing perfectly.  Afterwords he told me he didn’t even remember what he said, just that the words came out and flowed as he talked. This priesthood which we hold is real, and we need to keep ourselves tuned up and ready for when the Lord calls.

We had a big FHE with some members on Friday and we brought a 9 year old kid.  This guys is pilas.  The first time we met him we were teaching his aunt and cousins.  We taught about the word of wisdom and from that point he stopped drinking coffee and told his mom he wanted to  baptized.  In this lesson he sees my Book of Mormon that I always carry in my hand and asks to see it.  I give it to him and watch as he opens up directly to the Book of Mormon and reads 5 pages to himself.  The way he absorbed this book you would have though he was playing video games or something.  It was so neat to see that even small children, who are so sensitive to light and truth, can see the importance of this book even if he doesn’t understand everything.  The Book of Mormon has power not only in word, but in the spirit that it brings upon reading it.  We have been focusing on the importance of the Book of Mormon in conversion and how it is the KEY to help people understand our message.

We finally have a date for the dedication of the Temple!!!!!!!!!!!! March 17th.  The whole month of February will be the open house and then a couple of weeks to get the temple ready for the dedication. We have definitely felt the presence of Satan here as he has fought and caused such problems here in Honduras as we wait for this temple.  After the dedication the pressure won’t leave, I’m sure of that, but The Lord will arm his people with power and pour out blessing upon this land.  I’m really excited to be here for this and know the work is going to go crazy with the temple and the extra missionary help we will receive over the next couple of months.

Things are kind of rough with my companion, but im making the best of it.   But its good because with every companion I learn something different.  The Lord is always teaching us with all the people,  opportunities and environments in which he places us.  Lots of times we ask him to take away the problem, but he is just waiting for us to learn something.

Talking with the niece of Rosa this last week was also a highlight of the week.  She told me that as she talked with Rosa after church that they fought about who would do the proxy baptism for their mom and sister until they both were crying.  They still haven’t figured it out. haha.  Kelin really  wants to be baptized and is ready but she just has to get married.  We will see what happens.

We had a member come and meet with some of his friends this last Saturday.  We have a ton of good references, many of which are open to the gospel. The members are the key here.

We had some good service gigs last week which drained me and made me super tired, but it was worth it.  We painted one day and as we painted I got used to the paint and didnt even realize just how bad it was until I left the room 2 hours later. I had some huge brain damage. ha.  I was a zombie until I took a nap and drank a ton of water.  Now all is well, but next time I’m going to leave for air more often.

Well things are just peachy here.  Bedoingood.  We have the Christmas party this week.  Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

– ELDER JONES  O_O   (your missioncanary)

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