2 comments on “Photos

  1. Siera Barton says:

    Thank you Amy for posting these pictures and the emails! Was he able to send more pictures? I am dying to see them!

  2. CJ and Boni Jones says:

    Grandpa and grandma CJ and Boni appreciate all the great photos of the missionary in action
    We pray for his safety and for his opportunity for adventure, even be it “floating in the air”
    or be it “kicking up their heels” Best wishes on the persons you are teaching. Keep us informed on Rosa and hers. We do send our love and absolute best wishes.
    Your mom does a perfect job on “translating” and forwarding the infor about your experiences, Elder Travis Obray is currently on Kauia in Hawaii and teaching and baptizing many new members. His “former” girl friend has “moved on” and is seriously dating a RM. Probably a very good development, as a grandpa “observes” his potential future. Needs college completion and more preparations to meet a more full life when he returns. We love your sense of humor and your admission of great growing experiences. Love Grand CJ and Grand Boni Jones

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